Monday, July 09, 2007

One More Day

I need one more day to mentally unwind… to eat cookies and ice cream and not workout… to re-order my existence and coin clever acronyms. Why? For approximately three weeks I have been experiencing severe TLU – Total Life Upheaval. I told you it was clever.

So let’s see. When we last left me, I had written about @ and me (per usual) and our special friendship, as well as the karaoke bash and the unpleasant aftermath of the karaoke bash. Last week, both @ and I took time off work, which prompted a lot of inner-office comments like, “You guys are taking a vacation together. Where ya going?” I indulged them and for two weeks have stuck to the story that @ and I were on a cruise.

(In advance… sorry @. I can’t help it. Sometimes -- like now -- I just think I’m so terribly funny that I must share it with the world. It would be a shame to deprive them of my wit. You understand. Say the word and it’s gone.)

So maybe we weren’t on "r" cruise, but since my family was in town, @ and I arranged a very casual "meeting of the moms." It was sweet. We’re all going to be very happy together.

Other stuff that got done on vacation:
  1. I booked that elusive trip to Europe: Laura and I are officially headed to Amsterdam this fall. From Amsterdam, we stop in Paris, then Lucerne, the French Riviera, and finally, we finish our European Vacation in Barcelona. It’s going to be awesome. While I have been to Paris, the other cities will be all be new to me. My sister of course immediately asked me if I was going "partake" in a little "somethin' somethin'" (which according to the urban dictionary is actually, "sumpin sumpin," but I see "sumpin'" and I say, "Some Pen," which does not sound cool or hip -- on second thought, that would make it entirely hipster-like...) in Amsterdam. Five years ago, that question would have been met with a very enthusiastic “Hell yeah!” But now, at the rip old age of 28, I very honestly answered, “I don’t know… I really don’t… that just doesn't seem as appealing as it did before.” Then we discussed whether I would visit Anne Frank’s house. See… I show signs of maturity once in awhile.
  2. I officially registered for the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon: Took me long enough. Now, it’s real… REAL SOON that is. August 12 is the date. I’ve projected my time to be 2 hours 38 minutes, which is just shy of a 12-minute mile. I’m hoping to do better than that, but in this heat one never knows. Still, I would finish a solid 12 minutes faster than last year. I think that’s a reasonable goal, don't you?
  3. I took the plunge with Zipcar: Oh to live in the big city sans the responsibility of a car. This means no hassles with a car payment, a parking spot, insurance, repairs, etc (What gas prices?). And, I can pat myself on the back for using public transportation and thinking locally, acting globally, or something the other way 'round... you know the environment and crap. But, there are gaps. Small ones. For instance, it would be nice to be able to go to Target once in awhile… just for – you know – stuff. Now I can (as long as I get approved. I think I mentioned that as a teenager, my driving record was spotty at best, but now that I'm a decade away from any run-ins with... well, a fire hydrant for one, I should be cleared) for the low, low price of $50 a year + $9 per hour of driving. That’s not bad. Cheaper than a cab, and frankly, my driving is probably a little better than some cabbie's. Not much, but I’ll take my chances with myself. Thank you very much.
  4. I redecorated my apartment: Scratch that. My mother, in an unforeseen, typical-for-some-moms-but-not-mine turn of events, decided that my self-described craphole of an apartment was in need of some sprucing up. Lucky for me, my mom does not subscribe to the decorative wooden farm animals and needle point pillows school of design. I actually love her style, so I let her do as she pleased. Now I have a new color scheme in my bathroom (new shower curtain, bath mat, and towels), and a rug on its way from Pottery Barn to “brighten up” my living space. I also have instructions on where to move various pieces of artwork/furniture, right after my building management company answers the letter I sent them requesting that they repaint (yes… my mom wrote it for me… she was on a role, and I was/am lazy and didn’t/still don’t care about the painting).
Wow. I/my mom was productive. But, there are plenty of things I didn’t do during my vacation. For example, I didn’t get my bike into working condition… or do the six-mile run with my sister on Saturday. I did, however, eat my face off, and frankly, I’m a little ice creamed out (which, truth be told, I didn't think was actually possible). And I’m not looking forward to owning up to the damage that has been done since I skipped town for D.C. But, I’m hoping that this City Turned Sauna allowed me to sweat off all of the extra poundage. It’s possible. Ninety degree heat ought to be worth sumpin'. Here’s to hoping.


Laura said...

Yeah vacation! The doctors at work say I must imbibe in the sumpin’ sumpin’ while in Amsterdam. They even offered to buy me “special shampoo” for the return home. Maybe they just want to get ride of me….

Cheesegirl said...

Hi, I "lurk" and read your blog but I had to comment on your vacation. You must try to see Lord in the Attic while in Amsterdam (red light district) which was a church built in 3 homes' attics. I didn't partake of the special brew there...the cats outside looked very content and fat (I think they got the munchies)! Have fun planning!


Lou said...

I worry about my about my lungs sometimes :(

heidikins said...

Your European Extravaganza sounds fantastic, and hurray for busy mom's!