Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Touch and Go

Vacation makes me lazy...

Special Friends
Well @... now seems as good a time as any.

Last weekend, @ and I jointly hosted a karaoke party to celebrate my 28th birthday, our long-awaited return from D.C., and our anniversary.

OK. Stop looking at my blog like that; I know what you’re thinking: Lou, is there something you aren’t telling us about your relationship with @? For the record, @ and I are not romantically involved… with each other.

A back story: It is rare in one’s adult life that time and space conspire so perfectly to force two people into almost every aspect of each other’s lives. Sure it happens in college (OMG… we live in the same dorm and we have biology together and we both smoke Marlboro Lights! Nothing short of kismet), but in your mid- to late-twenties… the chances are slim.

@ and I met last summer on my first day of work at “The Association.” She and I, together, comprise the marketing team within our division. On that fateful day, @ sat in my office across the desk from me and, as far as I could tell, sized me up. I was – at that moment – a little unsure about how well she and I would work together. At the same time, @ and I were both residing in the dreaded Rogers Park. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to each other, were both on the verge of escaping our current living situations.

She moved first. And, I swear it was by accident, but within a few weeks, I followed her to Lincoln Square. The night I picked up my apartment keys from the previous resident, she and I bonded over drinks at a local Lincoln Square bar. It was the beginning of a beautiful, if not forced, friendship that takes us from the bus to the red line in the morning, to work and to the gym, from the red line to the brown line in the evening, and finally, back to the bar at night.

Yes. We spend an extensive amount of time together. Of course, being in similar places in our lives and dealing with sometimes eerily similar issues, also has a lot to do with our choice to spend off-the-clock hours together. And, I know that I’ve learned (particularly not being native to the Chicago-area) that good friends (the kind that you will probably end up knowing forever) are often hard to come by later in life. What can I say? I’m very lucky to have her. She puts up with me, and stars in my blog. What would I write about if I didn’t have @ around? You know... other than myself...

If I’ve taught @ anything about marketing it is this: under-promise, over-deliver. It’s really the only thing I’ve retained from my graduate education (the better part of a $100K later...). With her, it resonates. Talk about over-delivering (I’ll leave it up to you to decide the “creepiness” factor)…

Payment for Our Sins
On Sunday, my body was filled with toxins and free radicals, and the Universe ensured that I would make good on my debt. Three fire trucks, two ambulances, and one ride with a brake-happy cab driver following a car blasting mariachi music made sure that I paid in full.

I was in a bad way. Hangover remedy attempt number one: Eat Chinese food.

Failed miserably.

Hangover remedy attempt number two: Lay in the sun at the beach. Approximately two hours and five doses of Advil later, I was cured. Sort of.

It was, however, a day when you know you’re not going to be right no matter how much the pain and nausea subside.

Making My Way Through Lunch Today
Being “not right” led me to coin and define a new term as part of my ongoing hangover research: Post-hangover euphoria.

The subject will experience Post-hangover euphoria at the conclusion of physical pain resulting from excessive alcohol use, allowing the effects of sleep deprivation to peak, causing the subject to experience mild vertigo combined with giddiness. At this point, the subject is able to function due to decreased physical discomfort, but is often semi-incoherent.

A View from the Path
A long time ago, I promised that I would one day take a photo of the downtown Chicago skyline from the north end of the lakefront path. What I managed to capture doesn’t even begin to do justice to the view, but I promise you this, it absolutely is worth it every time.

And All I Got was this Lousy T-shirt
Remember that time the cicadas attacked you? Yeah… that was weird.

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