Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where Ever You Are, There You Go

I don’t think I have ever done a Saturday morning long run on more than six hours of sleep. This week, I dozed off around 1am Saturday morning. When the alarm went off at 5:30am, I woke up wondering if I had ever actually fallen asleep. Lucky for me, I had.

As it turns out, running 12 miles is just like running six miles twice… for the most part. The difference is that twelve miles involves a wee bit more preparation. And, especially after Thursday’s sub-par jog around the neighborhood, you better believe I was prepared.

First of all, I gave myself Friday off. I had a big Italian dinner at Pizza DOC in the neighborhood with some friends. I ate way more than necessary, which, while a bad idea in general, seems to really help me when I have a long run the next day. I prepared myself for the predicted humidity by drowning myself in bottles of my beloved, electrolyte-infused Smartwater. On Saturday morning, I had breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee (I do not run without coffee… in fact, I’ve started drinking coffee during all of my morning workouts… I have a feeling that that makes me a pretty hardcore coffee drinker).

All in all, another incredible run. I’m working hard for the negative split, and I ran the last two miles between a 10:30 and 11 minute pace. So I was happy that I had the energy to pick it up after 10 miles at a 12 minute pace.

It’s interesting to see how the mood of the group often matches the weather. On Saturday, it was overcast (almost chilly at times), humid and the air hung low. Our group, for the most part, kept the chitchat to a minimum, and I listened to my iPod the entire way.

Funny story... for the most part, I was listening to the same song over and over again. This is nothing new – just asked my college roommates who had to deal with me “discovering” Aimee Mann my junior year. Song by song, I made my way through every track of hers on the Magnolia soundtrack in this manner.

When I find a new song, I can’t even listen to the entire thing without starting it over because I am so excited to hear it again. So, I get about halfway through, and then restart the song. I’m like a child. This is how I have found my “all time favorite” running songs – songs that seem to, in that moment, match my pace or my mood or my whatever; they just are… I don’t question it.

Let’s list them, shall we (in chronological order):

1) Soul Meets Body / Death Cab for Cutie (you'll always be the first, got me through my first half)
2) Elevation / U2
3) New Slang / The Shins
4) Camel Walk / Southern Culture on the Skids

And my latest love…
5) Michigan Militia / Moxy Fruvous

There have been other “favorites” but those are the songs that I happily replay through an entire two hour-plus run.

Also, a while back I asked for some music selections to add to my running playlist. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Here’s what I’ve added so far:

Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought this one)
The Passenger / Iggy Pop
Money for Nothing / Dire Straits
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race / Fall Out Boy
Shake It / JC Chasez & Basement Jaxx (I know. I asked my Spin instructor about "that song we did the second climb to" and it ended up being JC Chasez. I'm as embarrassed as you are, maybe more so. But, it's got a great beat.)
Cupid's Chokehold / Gym Class Heroes
Makes Me Wonder / Maroon 5
In the Summertime / Mungo Jerry
Flagpole Sitta / Magnificent Tracers
Rehab / Amy Winehouse

Right now, I have about 50 songs in my Running Playlist for a total of two and a half hours of music. Now, if one is going to keep running and keep looking for Chicago Marathon bib, I’m going to need – easily – 5 and a half hours of music. So, if you have other suggestions, please send them my way!

Half marathon is two weeks away!


L Sass said...

Yay for the good run!! If you don't need lyrics, the Podrunner podcasts are great. The beats-per-minute are higher, too, which can help you run faster (no lie!)

Lou said...

Thanks for the tip! I've noticed that the songs I choose are getting prgressively (slowly but surely) faster. I'll definitely check out the podcasts.

Lou's Sister said...

I just downloaded Hellogoodbye, Here (In Your Arms). Good for running.

Making my way in PA said...

Firstly, I found you through Heidikins. Secondly, I don't listen to music when I run. Want to know why? Because I think I would being hufffing so loud that people would stop and stare!

But I like to go onto Yahoo music and listen to their free stations, you can get good ideas by genre there. I like some good old fashioned Louis Armstrong or something from that generation to get me going...

Nikkie said...

This is terrible, I know, I know, but I love running to The Prodigy's "Smack My B#%&tch Up." The beat is insane, but you have to get over the lyrics.