Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Much… So Little Time

You’ve probably noticed that my blogging has suffered significantly in the past few weeks. There is an explanation. Actually… there are six... I counted.

Explanation #1: Inspiration. As in lack of it. I have countless nearly formed posts in my head. I have so much to share with you -- my people -- and yet, when I put pen to paper (on the bus/train) or fingers to keyboard (everywhere else), I am stalled after a few sentences... unsure of what I was really trying to say in the first place. But rest-assured, once I get back into my groove, I have all sorts of fun stuff planned for ya’ll -- posts about running philosophy, marathon training, the pilates class I went to with @, Internet dates, the guy from Nerds, my dream "career(s)," and the always-popular, highly anticipated conversations with @. Just think... all of that is being held prisoner in my brain trying to escape to its rightful forum, and I keep failing myself. Or something.

Explanation #2: Perspiration. As in training for a marathon. Attempting to keep up with my training schedule amid a few physical setbacks – a bum knee, some exhaustion – has been difficult. I’m fairly amazed at how ingrained training has become in my daily routine. There are no excuses, even when I have real, live, valid excuses. Sometimes blogging suffers because training doesn’t.

Explanation #3: Termination. As in mine… from my job, if I don’t finish this HUGE project due tomorrow. Seriously. I don’t even want to talk about it. I could cry. On the inside, I already am.

Explanation #4: Destination. As in travel, my friends. I was in Wisconsin this past weekend visiting my one of my old roommates from college and her husband with her sister. It was good times had by all, but I was far away from the computer, and even with a four-hour bus ride, I lacked any real progress on writing a post despite making a valiant effort.

Explanation #5: Rejection. As in Internet dating. Deciding to spend an evening, or at least a few hours, of your already busy life with a stranger is beginning to feel like a major sacrifice. Especially when the stranger ends up reminding you of Screech from Saved by the Bell, and you realize that you could be home, laying on the couch, catching up on your too-long neglected Tivo... or – better still – sleeping (or blogging).

Explanation #6: Exhaustion. As in I’m really tired. Really, really tired.


L Sass said...

Marathon training totally takes over your life. I have to control myself not to blog about the minutiae of running every day.

Of course, if you feel like writing stream-of-consciousness posts detailing your run every day, you know that at least I'll be interested!

heidikins said...

All valid reasons, we (your "people") patiently await your return. :)


Lou said...

I heart my people.

Katzwinkel said...

You can at least blogin to tell us if you were fired or not. When I first read the beginning of that sentence, I thought you had already been fired. Now I'm all hanging in suspense.

Lou said...

As far as I know, I am still gainfully employed. I think you have to shoot someone or set fire to the office to be terminated on the spot. Here's to hoping.