Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The last time I was in Europe was almost exactly three years ago. During a week and a half in London and a week and a half in Paris, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day in an apparently desperate need to take advantage of the fact that they let you smoke anywhere. So I smoked everywhere.

Which sounds exactly like something I would do.

So last night, I was reiterating my plans for like the hundredth time to someone about how I was going to train for the marathon while making my way through the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Spain. I thought back to when I was in Paris in 2004. I remember streets. There were definitely streets in Paris. I remember tossing cigarette butts onto them. But, did people run on the streets? For the life of me, I cannot remember seeing one person jogging, much less even wearing running shoes (well, except for the other Americans who paired running shoes with chino shorts and fanny packs). Maybe you can’t run in Paris.

And, if there’s no place to run in Paris, is there any place to run in any of those other countries?

Wow. Even I’m impressed by my stupidity here. There are marathons in Europe! And didn't that whole Marathon thing start in Greece?

But, seriously, where am I going to run? Then I remembered this. And I started looking up runs:

I hearts the Webernets.


@ said...

1) I haven't told you this, but I am kinda jealous that you are leaving the country.
2) People run in Paris, just not as often. And they might look at you funny if you are wearing shorts. I'm not sure why that is.
3) Gonna miss you, bro.

L Sass said...

Parisians aren't so much into le jogging--you'll stick out as an American--but you DEFINITELY can run there.

You could also check out the Bois de Boulogne, just off the Western edge of the city. Tons of running trails there!

Will said...

2) People run in Paris, just not as often. And they might look at you funny if you are wearing shorts. I'm not sure why that is.

It is because Parisians are the type of people that dress in thousands of dollars of clothing to go get groceries. I met Lenny Kravits and his posse at a falafel stand in Paris. They all looked like they just got out of wardrobe and were about to go on stage. So I asked if they were afraid of being recognized and a guy from Lenny's band said that once they tried to go under the radar and just wear jeans and t-shirts. Once they stepped out the door they were immediately spotted. From then on they just dressed in the high-end retro garb and had much less problems.

heidikins said...

So jealous!! A friend of mine is training for a marathon in Rome in the spring... so I guess they definitely run there. :o) You will have such a fantastic time! I'm Jealous with a capital 'J'


Lindy said...

HAVE FUN and I'll see you back at the lakefront in a few weeks. Running in Paris or Europe in general should be one of the highlights of your training. Much sexier sounding than my running tales of training in a nor'easter storm in Philadelphia, or running on a hotel treadmill in D.C.

On Sunday at about 2pm Paris time, send me and Megan good running vibes for our 20-miler. We'll miss you!