Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Million Thoughts Away

So this was weird. @ and I were knee deep in a final pre-Europe heart-to-heart on the train home from work, and all of a sudden this dude starts yelling in rhyme about cups and a ball and taking it all as he pulled a wad of $100s and $50s out of his jacket.

“I just want to give my money away.”

A woman stepped up to the plate. She picked the cup that allegedly had the “ball” (actually a pebble) underneath it.

“You got to show me that you got the money first.”

The woman pulled a crisp $100 bill out of her pocket (similar to the crisp $100 bill that the man with the ball and cups had in his hand. Funny how that works… and seriously, who carries that kind of cash in large bills?).

Guess what? She won.

So did the second guy.

The third guy who was so obviously not involved in the scam lost… $180 to be exact. Shocking. And what was even worse is we all knew it. We all knew he was going to lose and no one told him to stop. But, frankly, I’m from Ohio and I knew from word one that this was a scam. Come on dude!

It was, like, so New York.

Anyway, picking up my traveling buddy from the airport was a comedy of errors. First, the Zipcar I had reserved wasn’t there for me. Then I didn’t actually know how to get to the airport from the location of my newly reserved Zipcar (which I had to walk approximately a mile to get). Then, as I pulled into O’Hare and called LP, she informed me that she didn’t have her luggage.

“Oh, that’s O’Hare for you. It’s takes them forever to get the luggage on the carousel.”

No… it wasn’t like that. Everyone else had their luggage; she just didn’t have hers.

They found it (thank God!). Then I almost got into three accidents on the way home. I hate driving.

I’ve been sort of keyed up all day. Marathon Man met me downtown for lunch because he “wanted to see me one more time before I left for Europe.”

I revealed to him that I had maybe mentioned him on my blog.

“But don’t worry,” I said, “I would never give any identifying information, and you have a pseudonym.”

Of course, he wanted to know what it was. I also told him that I wouldn’t be giving him the blog address anytime soon. And he seemed fine with that – oh and he seemed fine with the part where I had mentioned him, you know, once or twice.

I figure I very rarely date people who are not super Internets savvy so I might as well take advantage. It’s just not his thing, and he doesn’t sit in front of a computer all day… so.

Other than that, I’m tired. I feel unprepared to leave for Amsterdam tomorrow, but I’m not sure what else I can do tonight. I should probably go to sleep.

For realz.


L Sass said...

Wow, what a total scam! I feel so bad that anyone fell for it.

This is exciting news about MM... excited to see where it leads!

Lou's Sister said...

I'm going to miss you:(

Katzwinkel said...

Martinez said...

Sucks to be him got him with the old cup and ball trick.

make sure you hit up the Grass Hopper in Amsterdam though you cant escape the dope over there at least at the grass hopper the stoner to tourist odds are relatively in your favour.

But then of course there is your stoner tourists, which is a completely different ball game all together.