Friday, September 28, 2007

An Old-Fashioned Countdown

Nine – oh dear Lord – days.

TR, who has hopes of qualifying for Boston this year, continues to project his fears and insecurities about 10/7/07 onto me. I am his only client to have ever set sights on the marathon, but to listen to the guy, you’d think he and I were preparing to go into labor with our first love/bastard child. This, of course, is a man who never fails to collapse at the finish line of a distance race – likely the result of complete physical exhaustion combined with a flair for the dramatic. I am fond of TR and his antics, but not in that bastard baby making kind of way.

In the meantime… a little distraction, perhaps? If, from nothing else, this container of crumbled goat cheese and bag of Savory Rice crackers from Trader Joe’s...

As if one race wasn’t enough...

This Sunday, we run the Bucktown 5K. And by we, I mean fellow bloggers, neighbors, and all around good people, @ (I said it… @’s blogging, deal with it) and Contrary Canary... as well as trusty running bud Meg and a few others from the extended Chicago Running Family (3000 of ‘em to be approximate). TR will be there taking pictures (huh?). I haven’t decided if I’m going to give myself a goal time or just mosey my way through the 3.1 mile course. This, oddly enough, will be my first-ever 5K.

Here’s a thought: If I run eight 5K races in a row, I still will not have run an entire marathon.

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L Sass said...

6 DAYS! Of course, I am coming down with a cold and pounding Zicam and Airborne. Being sick during marathon week = not good.