Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conflict Resolution

I read this today, and identified. Truly.

So, re-entry into post-marathon life continues – it’s like being paroled. I like my metaphors. They’re fun. And creative…

It’s weird, even though I didn’t finish the marathon, I still think some of the exhaustion that follows the completion of training and participating in a race (finish or not, we all had 26.2 miles ahead of us when we crossed the start line) has hung on. I’m tired, unfocused, uninspired. I tried to convince @ to be a look out today at work, so I could nap without new boss-man catching me. She declined this opportunity.

More importantly, when I decide it’s time to blog, I sit down, open up brand spankin’ new document in Microsoft Word, and… nothing… This has happened at least twice.

I want to stop writing about the marathon, and all things with the word marathon in it, unless that thing happens to begin with the prefix “half.” How’s this:

Lou: My neck hurts today. @, will you give me a neck massage?
@: No!
Lou: Will you give me a back massage?
@: How would you really feel if I actually said ‘Yes’ to that?
Lou: Um. Good. My neck hurts.
@: Not only is that weird, but I HAVE A BROKEN FINGER.
Lou: Oh, OK. I see. I try to treat you like a normal person – the way I would treat any person with normal, full-functioning fingers – I don’t dwell on your differently-abled-ness, and you throw it back in my face.

OK. So maybe that’s not exactly how that went.




L Sass said...

I'm with you, girl. This is like post-partum depression. Fortunately, I've launched straight into a flurry of MBA applications, which has distracted me pretty effectively from the end of marathon season.

I'm volunteering at the NYC Marathon on November 4th and perfectly content to scale back my running obsession until then. I figure I'll feel reinvigorated after observing that race from a comfortable, non-running perspective.

heidikins said...

Can't relate on the running thing, but thank you for the finger giggles. Snicker snicker.