Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dazed Off

It’s unlikely I would have realized that Saturday was Sweetest Day had my grocery store not plastered posters announcing the "holiday" over the "enter" sign on the automatic door.

I noticed, and honestly, very quickly forgot.

Sweetest Day is bullshit, right? Few self-respecting women will deny that it’s a holiday fabricated to serve the purposes of Hallmark and other evil greeting card/flower shop/candy empires. I mean... seriously, I’m not even a fan of Valentine’s Day, but at least, that’s – you know – arguably semi-legit.

On Saturday night MM came over after work to hang out and watch the latest episode of The Office, which I had Tivo-ed.

He immediately sat down on the couch and looked at me.

“Happy Sweetest Day,” he said with a hint of sheepishness.

“Uh... Thanks.” I said.

He continued, “I don’t really get into this Sweetest Day stuff. I kind of think it’s crap…”

“I totally agree. It’s a ridiculously unnecessary holiday. Don't worry. I wasn't expecting anything,” I said.

“Oh… oh good. Well… I got you a banana.”

“You got me a banana for Sweetest Day?”

“Yeah. Well, I figured if you cared about Sweetest Day, I would have at least gotten you something, but I still wouldn't have given in to the commercial holiday.”

“A banana?”


“You’re lucky I don’t care about Sweetest Day.”

Now there’s a banana on my coffee table.

Oddly enough, this reminded me of something I once read.


Katzwinkel said...


Will said...

Sweetest Day? My girlfriend and I were curious about this one, so we wiki'd it over the weekend. Apparently Hallmark has issued a statement denying that they created this one and rightfully are pointing the finger at the candy companies. Greedy bastards--they have Halloween effin two weeks away.

L Sass said...

I think a banana is a very romantic gift.

Although, honestly, I had no idea "Sweetest Day" even existed. AS and I certainly didn't celebrate!

Nikkie said...

The candy companies totally got me! I didn't get anything for Sweetest Day, and really didn't expect to, but I decided that in honor of the day I would buy myself a king size Whatchamacallit.

heidikins said...

Umm... is it ok that I have no idea what this is?

Lou said...

I added some Wikipedia-ness for all ya'll. I had no idea that this was a regional thing. Damn "Great Lakes region." By the way, the "Great Lakes region looks an awful lot like the Midwest... Hmmm...

I hearts Wikipedia.