Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall Out

Ahhhh… Hey… Hey there, Fall. Nice to see you. Hey guys… Guys, look! Look who decided to join us. Yeah. It’s Fall! Better late than never, right? Hmmm. We missed you on Sunday. It would have been great if you had showed up… you know, like you promised. Nah, nah… it’s no big deal. Don’t sweat it. Two days late and $110 short, I guess. But I mean, really… who are we to blame the effects of global warming on you, Fall.

Fall: Nature’s absentee father.

Anyway, now that it’s cooled off (temperature-wise) and I’ve slept a little, my perspective is a bit clearer. When my mom called me tonight to check on me, she described the previous night’s conversation as her talking me “off the ledge.” A stressful week, followed by an even more stressful weekend, combined with a lack of sleep, a variety of intense emotions, and physical strain on one’s body, had taken its toll and frankly, I just fell apart… if only for a moment.

We move on from Sunday’s Chicago Marathon. The one explanation that seems to be rolling around in everyone’s head is this: It just wasn’t meant to be. Was it really not meant to be for 10,000 people? Did the Universe loud and clear announce to all of us… s’ain’t happenin’? Or… did one person ruin it for the group? That Universe, never can tell exactly whom it’s talking to.

Generally one to air on the side of Karma, I stepped out of my cosmic box and decided, “No. This time, I’m not buying it. I’m not going to believe that out of 10,000 people who didn’t finish, the Universe was telling me that it wasn’t my time to run.”

Despite the hopelessness of last night’s phone call, the Columbus Marathon does have potential. It’s good timing, a flat course, a fairly large race, it allows me to continue to eat like a maniac for another week and a half. We should be making the decision any day. It’s still hard to believe that this journey may not be over, but on the bright side, I think after the intense emotions surrounding Sunday’s marathon, we’re all ready to just go and git ‘er done, sans the hoopla. Plus, if I get cold feet, I can just run the half marathon course, right?

It’s nice to have a Plan B.


L Sass said...

I'm all for the backup Columbus option!

Honestly, now that I've run a big (NYC - 38,000 runners) and a smallish (Twin Cities - 10,500 runners) marathon, I can see why lots of people prefer the smaller field. The lack of hoopla is actually really helpful.

heidikins said...

Oh wow - I go on vacation for a few days and the Chicago Running World, has a meltdown (obviously not because of my absense, I'm just now getting the entire scope of your weekend in one dose and it's completely... undescribable!)