Monday, October 29, 2007

Quantitative Research

I was checking out my stats on, which if you’re not familiar, is a blog search engine that has all kinds of crazy features, none of which I have the desire, time, or energy to explore, except – of course – the feature that tells me all about me. It’s like a mirror for my blog.

Anyway, it’s fun to see what other blogs link to A View from the Park. Most of these blogs I know… the authors are friends or people who long ago found me, and made their presence known. But a few weeks ago I noticed an unfamiliar link from an unfamiliar blog. “Sarah’s Sister’s Blog” (that's me, I'm Sarah's sister) is linked from the blog Travel Greta. Talks. A Lot.

Today I had a little more time to explore her writing, and within two posts about online dating – [formerly?] one of my favorite blog topics (Curious? See: Walking the Line; My Future [Rich Ex-] Husband) – she had me hooked.

I love this woman. I don’t know her (I believe she’s my sister’s boyfriend’s cousin?), but I love her. Not in the romantic way, but in the you- are- speakin’- my- language- girlfriend- whom- I’ve- never- met- and- have- probably- already- creeped- out- by- professing- my- love- on- the- Internet way. If we met at a wedding and got wasted together this type of affection would be totally appropriate. Over the Internet, not so much. I probably could have just written, "Travel Greta, you rock!" What's done is done. I hope she doesn't mind.

And, since I’m failing you, my dear, sweet, bored readers, I figure I might as well offer alternative entertainment. Who actually needs to be productive from 9-to-5 anyway?

Enjoy! Meet Craigslist

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TravelGretta said...

Hooray! This was awesome - thank you!
Sarah wrote this on my Facebook wall:
you have to read my sister's blog entry today. She gave you a blog-stalker-like shout-out I think you'll appreciate.

And you know what? She was right. I DOES appreciate.
Right back atchya. And with any luck (no pressure Lars) we WILL be drinking together at a wedding. I am really good at drinking at weddings. Ask MY sister.