Sunday, October 07, 2007

We Came, We Saw

We ran a half marathon.

The bad news: They canceled the marathon... oh you know, after we were about halfway through. There's a bunch of news stories about it. Basically, at some point race organizers said, "Enough is enough," and kicked us all off of the course. We walked two miles (from mile 14 to 16) to a bus that drove us back to the race start/finish area.

We talked to some cops about it, and apparently, they couldn't go 30 seconds without getting a call for ambulance over the radio. People were sick, someone actually died, and runners slowed down... way down.

I'm not sure whether they shortened the race course and let some people finish, or if people were just forced off the course. By the time we got to mile 16, the fire department had opened up all of the hydrants either to clean debris from the road or to cool off runners. It's not clear what was actually happening.

The good news is that I am neither sick nor injured, but overall this was an unforeseen and very disappointing way to end months of training.



Lindy said...

Months. Yeah. I feel the same way. Just feeling your pain and somehow hoping that by writing this comment I'll miraculously feel better and just take my tired self to bed.

Kendra said...

I heard about the cancellation this morning during boot camp. I have to say the Texans were making fun because of the 88 degree "hot" weather. However, if I were running a marathon, I would prefer it to be a nice 55 degrees myself!

Nikkie said...

I know it's disappointing, but you did awesome in the miles you did get to run. I'm really proud of you and I was glad that I could be there to catch you after mile 13!

Laura said...

I'm glad you did well in what you did run. I was sending you positive energy all day.

Meghan said...

that is a bummer, lou. totally sucks. i can't believe two things: 1. that the organizers held the marathon in the first place considering they were obviously not prepared with enough water/gatorade/ambulances/etc. and 2. you all are not getting refunds.

just another reason for me to never run the chicago marathon (in addition to a total aversion to marathon training).

L Sass said...

Once again, I'm so sorry for you. I felt like crap in the Minneapolis weather, and it was "cooler" up there. (If you can call 85 degrees "cool").

Well, of all reasons to record a "DNF," this one was 100% out of your control.

I know you'll finish a marathon, though. Maybe even sooner than you expect! (PHILLY?)