Friday, November 02, 2007

And Then There Were Two

Last night, I was pressing send on my phone – calling to finalize the evening’s running plans with Meg – when the thing in my hand started ringing.

“Hi Mom,” I answered.

“Hi Lou… I have some news.”

She sounded happy, but my knee-jerk reaction was to assume something bad had happened. Oh God, someone's dead.

“I’m getting married.”



"Are you serious?"

I probably should have verbally jumped up and down, because that’s what you’re supposed to do when someone tells you that she is getting married. But, my mom -- really? -- she’s notoriously anti-marriage.

A little bit of background: my parents announced their divorce nine Christmases ago (yay for the holidays!). She was engaged once before about three years ago, but called the whole thing off for a variety of valid reasons – one being that she didn’t want to get married again... at least not to that guy. But, Sarah and I believed her when she said, "Not ever going to happen," even when she started dating this guy a year and a half ago. We -- at least I -- believed her even when it became more apparent that she and this guy weren't going to break up... ever... at least not in the foreseeable next decade or so. Life partners. Maybe, companions. That's my mom. She's not the marrying kind.

I guess we was wrong.

Both my sister and I had the same question though, “Are you actually going to go through with it this time?”

“Yes,” she conceded, “I think I am.” That’s about as close as we’re going to get to a definite with her. We'll take it.

“Can we tell people?”

“Can I post it on my blog?”

Wait a minute. I forgot to ask that one.

As my mom tells it, deciding to get married was carefully and logically discussed, debated, and thought through. My mom deserves to be happy, and moreover, deserves to be with someone who is going to live a life that she wants to live too. There you go. This is the guy. I see that. It makes sense. Sense is good.

And – Bonus – Sarah and I get a really cool stepsister out of the deal (do we call people that still? I’m not a fan of the “step-” prefix. There must be something better). And really, isn’t it always all about Yours Truly? And, of course, Yours Truly’s Lil’ Sister?

P.S. Mom told me on the phone yesterday that they had planned to announce this at Thanksgiving. I’m glad they told us sooner, because… ahem, well… hey almighty blog conscience… is it time to tell them yet? No. Not yet. Eek! I hate when we get all heady up on this here blog. Stop talking to yourself where people can read you.


Kendra said...

I can think of no better time to be wrong about something. Tell your mom congrats for me!

L Sass said...

Ooh, exciting news!! Sounds like you're a fan of mom's beau (and his daughter), which is excellent news. Congrats to the whole family.