Saturday, November 17, 2007


Lou is ready for the big game.

Once a year, I have – what I believe is – a really good excuse to start drinking at a bar around noon on a Saturday. It’s not like it hasn’t happened for bad reasons, but today I have a good reason:

Ohio State vs. Michigan

College football is the only manly-men sport I love to watch. Where I come from, being a Buckeye is practically the law. It’s everywhere. It’s a religion. It’s a disease. I fought against it for a long time because I’m anti-establishment and the like, but eventually I realized that I’m kind of a joiner at heart, and I gave in. And frankly, it’s better this way. Because this way, I have a valid excuse to go drink and scream at a television on a Saturday morning. I do love me some screaming at the TV.

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L Sass said...

The one thing that makes me wish I'd gone to a big old school is the sports spirit. I suppose I could get into University of Minnesota football if they didn't SUCK.