Sunday, November 11, 2007


Lou is spending her Sunday catching up on her Tivo.

I should probably be cleaning. Doing Laundry. Pretending like I care that tomorrow is Monday. But instead, I’m lying on the couch, drifting between asleep and awake, watching my recorded shows. The lineup:

The Soup: I heart Joel McHale, but I think this week’s show suffered from the writer’s strike.

Friday Night Lights: Come on, FNL! I am so pissed about this season’s uber-dramatic, completely unrealistic Landry/Tyra murder plotline. WTF? Did they seriously need to do that on a show that is so good at depicting teenagers? For realz.

America’s Next Top Model: This week’s episode ended with the “plus size” model getting the boot. Plus size? She was probably a size 6. True… the judges all but said, “You’re too skinny to be a plus size model, but to fat to be a real (?) model.” Thems the breaks I suppose. I hate this show.

Boston Legal: I fell asleep mid-way through this episode.

Grey’s Anatomy
: I gave up mid-way through this episode. I’m two weeks behind on Grey’s and I may be letting it go forever. I’m sick of hearing about Meredith’s issues. Yes. Yes. Meredith, life is complicated. And seriously, no one buys this George and Izzy bullshit. What happened to this show?


L Sass said...

I've given up on Grey's, too. I always loved the supporting cast, but never could understand why men loved Meredith. She has such a bad attitude!

TravelGretta said...

The Soup rocks, but Joel seemed to be stumbling through his jokes. I felt for him - I've been there. Well, not stumbling through my jokes, so much, as just regular sentences.

And I had the EXACT same Sunday as you! Minus the naps - I need to work on that next weekend.

Will said...

The Soup was awful Friday, probably one of, if no the worst epsiode I have ever seen. This wrtier's strike thing needs to get over with soon. "Dancing with the Stars" (my guilty pleasure) doesn't really have writers but only has a couple more weeks left. After that Heros (only has three more episodes), Ace of Cakes, and the Soup are the only shows I watch. I never thought I would say this but thank god for reality TV...

heidikins said...

I maintain that the working title for Grey's was "The Young and the Restless Horny Interns" and all that will ever happen is someone will be huffy about who is sleeping with whom and blah blah blah. Yeah, I'm over it.