Sunday, November 25, 2007

Full Frontal

Thanksgiving is the holiday when Sarah and I bring significant others home. I had been talking to my mom for some time about MM. She might have asked me if I was going to bring him home to which I might have scoffed and said, “Whatever Mom. I’m not asking him to come home for Thanksgiving. It’s too soon.”

But I had a plan.

While sitting on my couch with MM, sometime in late October, I said, “I talked to my mom today. My mom is nuts. She keeps inviting you to Thanksgiving. I keep telling her that’s crazy.”

To which he responded, “I would go to Columbus for Thanksgiving.” As if it were, like, no big deal.

Oh. OK. Well, it’s not as if I was attempting to test the waters with the “listen to this… my mom is crazy” bit, but now that I know…

And I invited him. He bought a plane ticket. In a matter of 12 hours it was done. All that was left to do was hope that he and I would stay together until November 21 – which was almost an entire month.

Seriously? What was I thinking… inviting him a month in advance thinking that we’d actually be together long enough that he would be able to come with me?

Oh ye of little faith.

With about two weeks to go, I could sense that there were no foreseeable obstacles between us and Thanksgiving. No major friend meetings, no work functions, no birthdays or holidays, nothing to royally screw up. I started to feel confident that he would indeed accompany me home to Ohio.

Obviously we made it…

I happen to be one of those people who is very "My Family" centric. I like my family. It’s unlikely that I want to deal with your family. That's just the way it. It's selfish and a little childish, but the truth is I'd rather be hanging with my people, and not your people.

Why? Because my family is awesome. My family knows how to sit around and bullshit and laugh. That's what we do best. And that's why Thanksgiving is my family's favorite holiday. Because there is no major social engagement or stressful gift buying/wrapping/giving to get in the way of the sitting and bullshitting and laughing (and eating). I get exponentially louder (and cough – funnier – cough) around my family during holidays.

This was trial by fire for MM – not only would he meet my mom, grandma, and sister, but he would meet Sarah’s boyfriend Lars, my mom’s fiancĂ©, his daughter, her new husband, and his child from a previous marriage.

Luckily everyone got along, and I found to my delight that Lars had an audience with MM, which meant that I could get up and walk away from their conversation about Lars’ physics theories and go nap on the couch.


L Sass said...

Sounds perfect!!! I think Thanksgiving is the ideal "meet the family" holiday because it's relatively chill, enough people go to different family / friend celebrations that it doesn't seem totally out of place to have an extra person around, etc...

But you need to tell us if MM thought your mom was nuts!

TravelGretta said...

Oh God this made me laugh out loud, because I've BEEN there when Lars starts his expounding. My dad has the same "skill".

Um, and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but my family is better than yours;)

Lou said...

I don't think MM thought my mom was crazy, though upon meeting MM at the airport she opened with this:

"I'm not really a hugger... but OK."