Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hall of Fame

@ got me hooked on this blog, Feministing, and while I’m regularly (read: daily) horrified at the various news items and issues these exceptionally talented women blog out, I felt the need to link to this particular post about a gym in Denver, given the sometimes diet and fitness focus of my blog. I'm truly a believer that fitness can change a person's life, but negative reinforcement (i.e. targeting "chubbies" with ads that make fun of obesity and suggest suicide is a solution) is not the way to motivate people. In fact, it likely has the opposite effect. That's just one of the many -- countless, really -- issues with the Anti-Gym and it's self-promoting owner Michael Karolchyk.

I did take a look-see around the Anti-Gym’s Web site because… you know… I don’t have real work to do or anything. It’s a whole lot of unbelievable. What compounds the absolute disgusting nature of this guy and his "anti-gym" (WTF is an anti-gym?) is that he’s trying to make us believe that he has some sort of benevolent health and wellness message wrapped in a package of porn-inspired, girl-on-girl photos, name-calling, and cruelty. Thanks douchebag, you’ve done a real service to the community.

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TravelGretta said...

Wow. There is a point where I get all fired up about certain things, and then the point - just PAST that other point - where I just relax into my chair and think "What a complete loser", and feel confident that no self-respecting person would be caught anywhere near the "anti-gym". The Kolchyk guy (and I'm not going to bother to check and make sure I spelled his name right, because who cares?) will just recruit like-minded people, and I certainly don't want to run into them at a normal gym. Keep them quarantined I say! And bring me some cake!