Thursday, November 15, 2007

On Mah Radar

Lou is losing it.

I went to bed early last night and got up late this morning.

I started signing my work emails: ‘Sanks, Lou.

I’m wearing a sweater today that I already wore to work on Tuesday (shhh… don’t tell anybody).

I was “yelled” at (passionately scolded?) for emailing a co-worker about setting up a meeting to discuss an upcoming project rather than just walking into her office and asking her to set up a meeting. Pick your battles much?

A vendor took a few of my co-workers and me to lunch where I announced that I had already worn this sweater to work this week.

I’m working out with TR tonight and I want to cancel.

Happy Hour tonight. Pro: I could really use a drink. Con: I could really use more sleep.


L Sass said...

There's nothing wrong with wearing a sweater twice in one week. Sweaters are a multiwear garment!

Will said...

I used to live in Bucktown and am offended. Just because it doesn't have a college full of sority-girls/frat-boys and ex-sority/frat types running around doesn't meean it isn't beautiful. It more than likely means we are more normal. Ich bin ein Bucktowner!!!