Saturday, November 03, 2007

Small Miracles

Little things excite me these days. A ride in the Zipcar. A trip to Target. An impromptu sushi dinner with some neighborhood friends. A great six-mile run in a faster pace group. A free-ish weekend. The Tivo-ed Office episode that’s waiting for me. A “plan” to sleep until noon on Sunday (yeah right, that’ll happen).

Ah yes. The little things.

Last weekend wore me out. It was @’s birthday and beyond action-packed. The itinerary:
  • Friday night: Happy hour with tapas and sangria
  • Saturday morning: Kick off of winter half marathon training season
  • Saturday afternoon: Visit with UndergroundChi and her sister, my ol’ college roommate who came in from Wisconsin for a wedding.
  • Saturday night: @’s birthday party
  • Sunday morning: 5K. What the #%$@#? Who decided this was a good idea? Talk about the beginning and subsequent end of my “drunk and running” career. I posted my worst 5K time ever and nearly puked at the finish line. Good times.
  • Sunday later morning: Brunch. Still hungover.
  • Sunday afternoon: Football game. Still hungover
  • Sunday later afternoon: Celebrate (mourn?) another loss at the neighborhood bar. I figure a couple of vodka tonics will take the edge off. Two things: 1) I believe this is how alcoholics are born, and 2) I was wrong. Still hungover.
I’m exhausted just writing/remembering last weekend. So I’m taking this weekend off. No drinking. No crazy schedule. No alarms. No getting up on Sunday morning for any reason other than being fully rested and ready to face the day.

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L Sass said...

See, I have a weird habit of performing well in 5K/4M runs the morning after drinking. I can't figure out why that is, but I'm thankful!

PS, If I get into Kellogg, you're going to help me find all the races in the CHI area, right?