Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today I Ate Some

I must always remember

That a box of 123 Jelly Bellies

Is not a single serving

It is actually 3 and a half servings

And no matter how many times I tell myself

While standing in line at Trader Joe’s

That I will only eat one serving of Jelly Bellies

Before I put the box away

And save it for tomorrow

I will, without fail,

Open the box before I have left the store

And eat half of it

(Approximately 61.5 Jelly Bellies)

During the two block walk back to my office

And, without fail,

Immediately upon returning to my desk

I’ll eat the other half

While browsing the Internets.

What was I trying to remember?

1 comment:

L Sass said...

Every time I am in TJ's I consider buying some Jelly Bellies, but every time I resist because I would finish that beyotch before I got to the subway.