Saturday, November 24, 2007

We're All Winners

On Thanksgiving morning, Sarah, Lars (Sarah’s bf), MM, and I ran a “race.” I “quote” race because it wasn’t even chip-timed (WTF?). Lars told us he was going to lose. He did. Still, he got a medal (everyone did). And he wore it the rest of the week.


TravelGretta said...

That's my cousin. This is such a proud moment for me.

L Sass said...

That is a really hardcore looking medal! I wish there had been a Turkey Trot in NYC. No better way to feel like you "earned" your dinner!

heidikins said...

Also ran a race on Thanksgiving Day... however we didn't get medals. Just a cup of luke-warm cider which did nothing for me in the 20-something degree mountain weather. Sigh. I want a medal.