Friday, December 14, 2007

La La Land

Sometimes I forget that I’m the only one that hears my thoughts. As evidence by my liberal use of pronouns. Like outta da blue, I’ll say to @ something along the lines of: We should just put it over there.


Over where?

Of course, for the last 20 minutes I’ve been mulling over something in my head and that sentence makes perfect sense to me. Why weren’t you in mah brainz readin mah thots?

So this sucks (well, for me): my beloved co-worker/part-time (*cough*fulltime*cough*) therapist/bro extraordinaire, @ (really, you knew who I was talking about) is leaving me to go on to bigger/better things. Greener pastures if you will. I’ve already spent a decent portion of the day lying on the floor next to her desk bemoaning what is to come.

That’s right. Lying on the floor. At the office. I’m not proud. At least I wasn’t curled up in the fetal position, people. You should expect far less of me.

Anyway. This is it. Our last day as co-workers in our department, spending eight hours of our day together, 10 feet away from one another. Sure… she’s only moving upstairs a coupla floors, and we will be able to utilize the gmail chat (and the awesome new emoticon that, for me, expresses complete and utter breakdown :’(. See the apostrophe? It’s a tear.)

Bear with me here. Also, we’ll still be going to the same gym provided I don’t jump ship, and she’ll still live three blocks away from me, and have keys to my house so she can pop in whenevs. You know. It won’t be that different. But still.

It sucks (well, for me).

Other stuff has been happening too. MM’s birthday was this week. Oh God. Our first foray into gift giving. That’s a little nerve-racking, right?

I got him a cookbook.

No seriously, I did. He wanted it (which actually made me feel super-not-at-all-creative, like, aren’t I supposed to just inherently know what he wants? Because you know I know him and all that crap? Yes, no?).

Then I took him out for wholesome fun all day Wednesday: free concert at the Cultural Center, lunch at Burrito Beach, The Golden Compass, and dinner at my beloved, Heartland Café, during which I made all kinds of unwholesome noises as I ate my favorite hummus on the face of this earth (Oh My God… Ummm… Oh God… that’s soooo good… and so on and so forth).

There’s more, but I have some places to go, people to see. You know.


L Sass said...

Dude, my BFF-NYC was my coworker for the first two years we knew each other. We had lunch together, we talked a hundred times per day. When we moved on to other (better) jobs, it was tragic. We're still friends, though, and the habits of telling each other random information has never died!

Still, it is a tragic, tragic transition. My condolences to you and @.

TravelGretta said...

I will SO love the progression of your relationship, if the next gift you get him is a vacuum cleaner.