Monday, December 17, 2007

Sound of Silence

Do you hear that?


That’s because I finally stopped racking my brain.

Why? You ask.

Because I am D-O-N-E.

Say it with me now.


Done. Done. Done.

Stick a fork in me. Or something.

That’s right, all of my Christmas gifts are purchased, so if I didn’t buy for you already, you’re not getting anything. So sorry.

On Sunday, Team Lou and Lou’s Sister joined forces, armed themselves with cell phones and laptops, and made online purchases for the following: Dad (wine decanter and wine book); Mom (sweater); Grandma (flowers for her birthday, which is Wednesday); Mom’s fiancé (two books); and Mom’s fiancé’s daughter (something off of her wedding registry). I know, I ruined the surprise for all ya’ll, but they don’t read the blog.

In one cross-country (Chicago to Hoboken) hour and a half long phone call we took care of everyone. Except for the people who read this blog. Sarah was pretty easy, but again, I was completely stuck on what to buy MM. Plus, and let’s be frank here, he and I haven’t been together that long. I struggle with the appropriate amount of money to spend more than anything, even though that’s a moot point when you have NO IDEA WHAT TO BUY SOMEONE.

I almost convinced myself that a lame-o sweater was the way to go. I spent my lunch hour wandering through Nordstrom’s, completely uninspired. Then, on a whim, I walked into another store, and as I continued meandering while desperately grasping at gift ideas (anything!), it hit me.

Sure it’s possible that I fabricated the conversation I think I had with him a few months ago when I believe he said that this particular item is something he might want. I figured he could use it regardless. Or take it back. Whatever he’ll probably think it’s crazy or stupid or inappropriate or all three and some other adjectives.

But, hey. I’m D-O-N-E. And that’s good enough for me.


Will said...

My sis and I were having the conversation about how much to spend on our significant others the other day. We came up with the following:

Our advice for women is that men don't really care how much they spend on them. If you are with the type of man that does care, hmm...well that just seems strangly shallow for a guy. But that said it is good for a man's ego to know that he widly outspent you gifts. Really it it is. It makes us feel better.

My sister ended up doing this calculation where a woman takes 25-50% what she thinks he can afford to spend on Christmas gifts for you and uses that as her budget. Seems complicated but ended up sounding about right when she worked out.

Her beau and her have been together almost a year and she figures that he can afford about $200 on a gift for her. So she is shooting for about $75ish on him.

The question I had of course is what if she is wrong about how much he is willing to spend, does that mean that you are considering your relationship is at a different stage than he is? I mean what if he gets her a $50 gag gift, does that jepardize the relationship? She spent the next couple days worrying.

L Sass said...

I had no good ideas for AS this year, and we both were feeling strapped for cash because of our New Year's vacation... so we just voted on a $25 limit!! Phew.