Wednesday, December 19, 2007

‘Tis the Seasonal Depression

This morning my mom called at 7:35am. She said, “Don’t forget to call your grandma for her birthday…” because you know, I’m really just an over-sized, independent two-year-old incapable of keeping a calendar.

Then she said, “Did I wake you up?”

And I said, “Yes. But I should have gotten out of bed 20 minutes ago anyway.”

And she said, “ ‘Tis the season.”

... Apparently to not find a good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I did something else today that -- I think -- in a year and a half, I have done exactly one other time. I canceled my training session with TR. I feel bad. But, I’m tired. And I have a headache. And I know that if I workout I will feel better. But, I do not care. I just want to go home. And pick up that stupid, creepy doll from that crazy doll woman who keeps closing her store early. Cause apparently dolls are in such mad demand that she can open her store for approximately 45 minutes, three days a week and still turn a profit.

Ah. Life.


Jaime said...

so did you think i was a huge creep linking your blog to mine and not telling you? Cause that was what i was going for...

L Sass said...

I can't seem to make it to the gym either these days. I'm signed up for a half-marathon on January 27th, so that should be TOTALLY PLEASANT. Riiiight.

heidikins said...

Ugh, I hate days like that. Hope it'll go away soon!