Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Are We There Yet?

She’s ALIVE!

Yes, Yes. A bit of a sabbatical from ze blog, but I am back and happy to report that the 2007 holiday season is over with a capital O-V-E-R.

Thank God. I can finally stop drinking to ward off social anxiety, and commence to hibernating for the remainder of the Chicago winter.

But wait!

There’s more.

Boredom has led me – once again – to read yet another “diet” book (it’s like I have a disease). Oh yes. At first I made fun of my sister when, while gmail chatting, she “announced” to me that she is considering becoming a vegan, the diet of choice for hippie atheist commies trying expose the vast right-wing conspiracy and give animals the right to vote.

A what?!?!?!

You must be joking.

She wasn’t.

But why?!?!?!

Because she read this.

And she brought it with her to Ohio for Christmas. So I read it. (I know you know where this is going.)

Rory and Kim, the "bitches" who wrote the book, make a lot of valid points about – you know – what we’re really eating when we eat meat and dairy and, in general, processed foods. I’m not really up for summarizing the book for all ya’ll, but it’s short, sweet, and kinda funny, so if you’re interested, I wouldn’t discourage you from giving it a read.

With nothing better to do with our time, Sarah and I decided we would give veganism a shot for a couple of days – 10 for me, to be exact. I started yesterday, in effect forcing my new lifestyle choice onto MM, to whom I had promised dinner.

It went over well. I’ll blog the recipes from Day 1 later tonight.


TravelGretta said...

I am no longer speaking to you or your sister. How can you do this to cheeseburgers?!

heidikins said...

Hmmm... resolution/diet for 10 days. I like where this is going, very manageable with a clear ending in sight.


Pallavi said...

Need a diet buddy?

L Sass said...

I admire you, Lou, I really do, but I cannot give up the meat. Delish.

Have you read Omnivore's Dilemma?? I'd say that helped me make better choices without going whole-hog vegan.