Friday, January 18, 2008

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Yes Keni, it is true. I managed to not say if I actually liked the tofu orange sesame thingy whatever that I made on Wednesday night. Maybe I did that because I was tired and trying to blog out as fast as possible before my eyes gave up the battle to stay open (yes, I was blogging from my bed). Or maybe it’s because… well, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought.

I made up my mind today.

On Wednesday, when I made the tofu and promptly ate it for dinner, it was… good. Not omgilovethis... but... fine. Today though, I brought the leftovers for lunch.

Now, I don’t know if tofu dishes are the type of meals that taste better a day later – like a casserole or lasagna – but it did. Now, logic tells me (and logic doesn’t say too much to me, so when it does, I tend to listen) that tofu is probably one of them there foods. Tofu, after all, tends to take on the taste of whatever it is cooked with. (It’s driving me nuts that I ended that sentence with a preposition, but to my dismay, I can’t seem to edit it in a way that puts the preposition in an appropriate place. I think my brain is fried. Suggestions are welcome.) Today, the flavor – of the orange and the sesame – were much more pronounced and, therefore, the dish was way tastier.

The verdict. Me likes! And -- bonus! -- it's an excellent lunch option—filling and well-portioned.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned as I attempt to make a vegan lasagna recipe from The Candle CafĂ© Cookbook. MM will be my back up in that adventure. Sister Sarah (makes her sound like a nun, doesn't it?) told me that she had to hide the leftovers from her boyfriend (a nun with a boyfriend!?!?!) so that she could take the rest as lunch. Sounds promising, right?

Of course, we all saw what happened to my rice... so here's to hoping...


L Sass said...

Come to NYC and eat at the real Candle Cafe!

That is all.

Happy weekend!

TravelGretta said...

I am both impressed, and depressed, that you have stuck to this vegan-business. I'm going to eat a cookie in your honor.