Sunday, January 06, 2008


I am hearting my blog right now because I feel as though I have returned to my roots. Food and fitness. If you’ll remember – because I just know that each and every one of you has started from page numeral uno in the archives (June 2, 2006 thank you very much) and read, without interruption, through the trials and tribulations that are distinctly… Lou – I began my blog writing about running and eating bagels and hummus and other pointless dribble.

God. It feels like coming home. This vegan madness. It’s just so good.

First of all, I’m cooking again. Tonight I “whipped up” some hummus*, a process that involved my crap ass, good-for-nada, sorry-excuse-for-a food processor, which resulted in a few mishaps. It’s nothing but chickpeas and tahini and you throw it in the freaking food processor and viola! Hummus. But not so for yours truly. I struggled, a story which I will not subject you to, but amazingly, with a little improvisation – a “technique” I tend to stay far, far away from in the kitchen – I managed to make some pretty darn good hummus if-I-do-say-so-myself. MM helped by coating mini pitas with olive oil and tossing them in the frying pan for a few minutes. Yum.

I haven’t cooked this much since… yeah. Never? Truth be told, I have a pretty shitty memory.

Second, I am feeling so much better. Now I’m not going to trumpet the vegan “lifestyle” as the obvious reason for my all-around better-ness. Rather I’m guessing it’s a combination of factors, first and foremost being that I am no longer sustaining life on a diet that rivaled freebasing high fructose corn syrup on the scale of “healthy.” But that was just December. Also, eating vegan has finally gotten me to up my intake of fruits and veggies. I’m eating at least five servings a day, maybe more… And if that isn’t enough to make you gag, I’ve swapped my beloved coffee for green tea in the morning (though I refuse to let my caffeine go just yet).

I should be canonized. Or knighted.

All in all, this style of eating has worked well for me. Of course, this week I’m trying my first tofu recipe. So all of this may change. And, it is…after all… only Sunday.

*If I'm feeling up to it later this week, I'll post what I think I did to make my hummus not suck. Unfortunately, I'm leaving town on Friday and have a ton to do before then, so don't get to attached to the idea that you'll be making hummus that doesn't suck by the end of the week.

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L Sass said...

Huh, an endorsement for veganism! I still think you crazy, but I'm so glad it's working for you. :)

Go Lou and your delicious hummus!