Monday, January 07, 2008

In Dispute of Perfection

Oddly enough, as I was typing up the previous post, a message from someone at 5280, a Denver magazine, appeared in my inbox:
Hi Lou- saw your Anti-Gym post while I was doing some Anti-Gym research and thought this might be of interest....
This Man Thinks You're Fat

It’s kind of interesting. The journalist, despite all evidence to contrary, seems to be hell-bent (integrity or some such nonsense) on not calling out Michael Karolchyk, the feeble mind behind the Anti-Gym and all its disgusting misogyny, for being the world’s biggest fuck. His own mother calls him a liar. Not that the article is… flattering, but still. A spade is a spade, my friend. We need not empathize with this man and his plight of douchebagery. Yes. Life is hard. And long. And probably lonely and pointless if you're Michael Karolchyk.

With people like Michael who preach perfection as skinny with long legs and huge breasts, it’s no wonder we can’t drown out all the noise and accept and love our bodies. Perfection is not something to aspire to. Perfection is a disease.

Will we ever be OK?

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TravelGretta said...

We're okay NOW. That dude? Nooooooot okay.