Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Second

I am -- eh hem -- in a freaking cab right this very second typing on my laptop, about to publish a b to the l-o-g. I know, those of you with BlackBerries and other fancy schmancy do-it-all electronics are sooooo not impressed.

On another note, I'm back in Chicago. Stuck in morning rush hour traffic on the Dan Ryan (or is it the Kennedy? This is what happens when you don't drive... you don't know what highway you're on). I'm typing on my laptop in case you were wondering. I would probably be way more displeased about the snail's pace at which this here cab is moving if I wasn't connected to the Webernets.

Did I mention that it's 14 degrees outside?

Sweet home Chicago.


heidikins said...

I love you uber-connected... it's like a permanent window into the life of Lou. Thank you Sprint!


Kendra said...

Technology is fabulous. 14 degree weather is not.

L Sass said...

You are so fancy!!

Jaime said...

its supposed to be negative 3 on Saturday. 14 will be almost balmy compared to that.

@ said...

dude, you need to update your race schedule.