Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Regularly Scheduled

Sometimes I like to pretend I am the news or something and have to present both sides of an issue. Today’s issue (same as yesterday) is veganism.

There is a post today about the book Skinny Bitch on Feministing. It’s not a glowing review (obvi) since you know, the book is called Skinny Bitch and that’s not very nice now is it, but she makes that interesting point that eating vegan is for some an extreme way – read: eating disorder (her words, not mine) – to lose weight under the “guise of a political identity.”

Not everyone (not anyone?) thinks the way I’m eating is all sunshine and rainbows. TR thinks I’m being ridiculous and assured me there would be no way I could “be an endurance athlete and a vegan.” Nearly everyone asks me how I’m getting protein. Plenty of people ask me how I’ve managed to give up cheese (cheese seems to be the BIG one).

I think I’ve been pretty honest about my intentions with this experiment. Really, more than anything I was curious to see how my body would react. The book’s political aspects are compelling, particularly in regards to the government organizations that are supposed to be protecting us, not poisoning us, but like I said before, you won’t find me joining the AFL any time soon. I have no intention of making a political statement by eating this way.

But… maybe I have skimmed a bit in regards to the other end of the spectrum. The extreme weight loss part. Yeah. That part.

First of all, I am in no way starving myself. In fact, I don’t feel as though I’m eating all that different. I’m being conscious of what I put in my mouth; I’m preparing my own food; and I’m making healthy choices. I don’t eat meat regularly anyway, and I haven’t missed dairy all that much. But, the truth is, yes I do want to loss weight, and I’ve been frustrated for awhile. I see nothing wrong in trying something new.

I know. I sound defensive. I don’t mean to… it’s just that, on one hand, I am a strong believer that we should celebrate ourselves and not let societal pressures dictate that we need to be 5’10 and 102 pounds with ginormous boobs and blonde hair down to the middle of our backs, else we are not worthy of love or whatever. I am, however, also a believer that I need to do what is best for me and losing a few pounds (let’s say 15 or so) would make me feel much more comfortable and confident (not to mention, a faster runner). Fifteen pounds will not make me “skinny.” It will not make me underweight. It will not make me taller. It will not make my legs longer. It will not instantly solve all my problems. But, it’s what I want. And, so far, eating this way has been an effective means to an end not only because I have cut out animal products, but also because I am eating exponentially healthier than I was over the holidays.

So there. Conscious consider yourself cleared.


Kendra said...

I still can't believe the cheese thing. Not even cream cheese? Or Cheez-Wiz? Cause that really isn't cheese.

Laughing through my chardonnay said...

My sister who is a runner went vegan for a long time. She started eating cheese (her weakness and apparently many people's weakness) recently and hasn't been able to stop.

If you want to be vegan I say go for it! Just be safe!