Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Thousand Pardons

Don’t fret my people. January is almost over. You can tell because when you look out your window at 4:45pm, it’s not dark. Not yet, anyway. Give it about 15 minutes. Ah yes... now it's dark.

I joined a new gym on Saturday. Yes. I did. I finally – after months of saying I might do it – did it. It’s going to be about a $30 per month savings, which I believe is significant. However, I very nearly backed out at the last moment when the dude who was signing me up forced me to endure a side conversation he had with another dude (presumably a trainer).

This is how that went:
Trainer Dude: Hey man, how was your Friday night?

Sign Up Dude: Not bad… not bad. Me and my girl drank a bottle of Grey Goose and played strip poker. I can’t complain.
It’s really impossible for my eyes to go far enough back into my brain to obtain the appropriate level of eye-rolling necessary to convey the idiocy of this exchange. I made a slight gagging motion for good measure, and I wondered what kind of woman would date a guy who goes spilling the beans to his coworkers (in front of customers no less) about their drunken, naked escapades. Poor thing. One can hope that eventually she’ll grow a brain.

As for the membership, I stayed the course – for better or worse.

Of course, joining this particular gym has its perks. Both Meg and MM belong here, which gives me oodles of options when it comes to the comings and the goings. Meg and I have been twice together. Yesterday we started a weight training circuit workout, and today my arms and legs feel like they may fall off.

MM and I worked out for the first time together on Monday, which – for whatever reason – to me, felt like a big deal. However, no one seems to share in this sentiment (including him). Call me crazy, but I guess it felt like I was further closing the gap of apart time by becoming a member at his gym. This isn’t dating. This is the business of daily life.

I asked him about 100 times if he thought it was, “weird” to be working out together. He said no… like 100 times.

And so, I suppose, we keep moving forward.


Kendra said...

This color scheme works way better for me. And $30 per month saving is awesome. Especially if you like going to this gym more than the expensive one.

L Sass said...

I have been with AS for almost 3 years and I'd STILL feel weird about working out with him. I don't know why! We ride bikes together, but that's about my limit.

Jaime said...

no marathon training for me. I am sticking to halves for the time being... i will be with CES for the Spring and Summer though!

Lindy said...

hmmm...working out together IS a big deal in my book. he may actually SMELL you when no one wants to smell you. :)

heidikins said...

Yowza, that is a big deal. At least, to me it's a big deal. I'm more afraid of being seen in workout clothes than being seen naked. (Is this crazy? Perhaps)


TravelGretta said...

Yeah, yeah. So you're working out together. Let me know when you're downing Grey Goose and playing strip poker together.