Friday, January 11, 2008

Throw Back

Dudes. This… is awesome.

I feel like, in my own way, I have stuck it to the man (the “man” in this case is the Godforsaken Chicago O’Hare International Airport) by BYO-ing my internet. No more paying $9.95 for your stinking wireless, O’Hare. I’m already – how do you say? – connected, thankyouverymuch.

First things first… My vegan experiment is over... in theory. The timing of the experiment’s conclusion was meant to coincide with my departure to Philly for a five-day-long work trip (boo!).

Oddly, I don’t know exactly how to proceed. Despite the finale, the idea that I am eating vegan stopped me from buying a bagel with cream cheese this morning – my usual kickoff to a “balls out” business trip food free for all. Instead, I bought two bananas.

The truth is, I’m feeling a bit stuck. I like eating this way, though – full disclosure – one of my old habits (the one spelled h-u-m-m-u-s) snuck up on me when I can down with a slight cold and had no desire to cook. Lazy and hungry, I immediately resorted to excessive consumption of the hummus paired with (what else?) pita bread. Hummus might as well be heroin in my world.

Regardless, giving up meat was a non-issue. Dairy was missed far less than I expected, but the idea that I would be living – forever, in theory – without sushi, now that, my friends, is where me and veganism part ways. Yes, I’d miss the occasional cheese plate, and pint o’ Ben and J’s, but even that sacrifice, at this moment, seems to pale in comparison to a spectacular piece of raw salmon (ask me again when I’m PMSing). I suppose the compromise I’ve come to in my head is this: vegan at home, and as much as possible, vegetarian otherwise with the exception of sushi. This, of course, makes me… nothing if not slightly OCD. If this style of training hinders my training, then we shall have to revisit.


TravelGretta said...

Good. You are gradually coming to your senses. Don't forget to have a cheesesteak sandwich on the trip;)

heidikins said...

Hope you had a philly in philly, and I love love love constant access - it's my new best friend.