Friday, January 25, 2008

We've Got Spirit

Last night, MM, Meg, Meg’s Man, and myself (that’s a lot of M’s) went to see Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary that follows six individuals (ranging from elite runners to 12-minute-per-mile slowpokes) who are training for the Chicago Marathon. Here’s what I learned:
  1. People are hilarious. My favorite quote from the movie was from a woman talking about her nearly 70-year-old father (they were training together), "He’s a professional talker who just happens to run marathons." Verbal gold I tell you. She also showed up to one of her long runs and told the production crew, “I wore black because it’s slimming on camera” or something to that effect, which I thought was freaking hysterical because it’s so something I would do/say/think. You can ask Meg... there have been plenty of occasions where I have complained about wearing a fuel belt on the double-digit runs because, “It makes me look fat.”
  2. The marathon may be the greatest sporting event ever. First of all, there is a shot in the movie that pans the entire field of runners at the Chicago Marathon starting line from a bird's eye view. That view of the sea of 40,000 people who have chosen to take on 26.2 is in and of itself enough to inspire and awe. And, of course there's that whole people triumph over an intense physical challenge part. Watching the elite runners put me on the edge of my seat, particularly seeing Deena Kastor narrowly win the 2005 Chicago Marathon. But, marathoning is such an everyperson sport. Any of us can do it, and four of the six runners featured in the documentary proved that people of any age, and varying degrees of athleticism can take on this challenge.
  3. Rest period is over. I’ve been slacking big time. I’m disenchanted with my gym. I’ve been a bit lazy about maintaining my training with TR. The weather outside is scary cold, and unfit for running. But, I’ve made a few executive decisions (because I am president of my own life)… First, I taking another gym up (the gym MM and Meg belong to) on their savvy marketing postcard that is offering me seven days to try them out fo’ free. Second, the weather has crossed its heart and hoped to die that it’s going to be in the forties come Sunday. It’s time to get back outside. "Official" training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon begins February 11 (which in case you’re oblivious like I was, really isn’t that far away).
Oh and P.S. Chicago Marathon registration opens February 1.

Another quick update: Check out B-Kay from 50 Down and Marathon Bound and her take on the documentary.

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L Sass said...

I am slated for a February 10th Half Marathon... yeah, I'm barely going to finish.

Now, the question: Do I feel serious enough about Northwestern that I should go ahead and register for the Chicago Marathon?