Friday, February 08, 2008

All About Me

According to my running/workout buddy Meg (you remember… the one who still talks to me even after I put together a spreadsheet with our 13 week training plan), we have had a whopping 11 minutes (count ‘em) of direct sunlight in Chicago this February. Yes granted, it’s only February 8, but get a load of this from the Chicago Tribune:
February's lack of sunshine, combined with the biggest seasonal snow tally here in nearly three decades, has Chicagoans complaining of cabin fever. Through sundown Thursday, the city has received only 11 minutes of sun, placing it among the four cloudiest February starts since sunshine measurements began here in 1893, and ranking as the cloudiest such period in 22 years.

A persistent overcast is predicted to linger Friday. If so, this Feb. 1-8 becomes the cloudiest on record during the last 115 years…
This may explain the following: 1) why I have only eaten hummus for the last several days; 2) why I’m constantly exhausted; and 3) why I was a bit cranky with MM last night.

Why, you ask…

I know, usually I sound all everything is wonderful when it comes to MM. But lately, I’m cranky about… my schedule.

It's true. I am a creature of habit. I accept this about myself. I like to have a plan. I like to be on time. I like to stick to a routine. My world revolves around a straight line mentally drawn from where I live to where I work. Everything I need is within blocks of that line. Sound boring? Oh… let me assure you… it is. I go from home to work to the gym to home to my couch to my bed. That’s it. That’s all I need. I eat whatever I want (hummus) while watching E! News and fall asleep at a reasonable hour while reading a book.

Unfortunately, as MM and I spend more and more time together… and hit the six month mark of our relationship (6 months?!?!?!)... my line seems to have been crossed. MM’s home lies far off my beaten path, and he is used to running all over town, willy-nilly-like, for errands, work, and school. So having the nearly-nightly, "my place or your place" discussion doesn’t seem to bother him. Me, though? That’s a different story.

Last night, MM met me at the gym. I was tired, but I pushed myself to do a soul-crushing 43 minute run on the treadmill. Once I was done, I was literally done. I’ve been to the gym seven days in a row; my legs felt like they may collapse at any moment. Just a quick stretch and I would be on my way…

Or not. I had to wait for MM who, after running five miles in far less time than it took me to run four, wanted to do a few other things (like pull-ups, which I managed to see him do from my stretching spot, and admittedly, was quite lovely to watch). But, damnit, I wanted to leave. I was tired and cranky, and in case I didn't mention it before... I was D-O-N-E.

Finally, we headed out of the gym to the Whole Foods next door to pick up dinner (hummus). However, he’s apparently taken a shining to the bulk foods section and had a plan (these are the types of plans he has) to make some homemade granola. He stood and pondered while I raced around the store deciding that I needed hummus, lavash bread, and Soy Dream “ice cream.” I was quick. I was decisive. I was hungry. I was ready to GO. And I was annoyed when I had to wait.

I sound like I’m five. I realize that. But, if I had been alone, I would have left the gym immediately after my run, raced through Whole Foods, and be happily lounging on my couch, munching on hummus and lavash bread while watching my much-neglected Tivo.

Does everyone go through this – a period of mourning for the way things were when it was all up to you and you alone? Or is it just me, my selfishness, and I just have to get over it? Or, worse, is it a sign of a bigger issue? MM was completely good-natured about it when we got in his car, and I grumbled about “my schedule” for the entire drive back to his house.

Once in the kitchen, munching on my hummus and Soy Dream Chocolate Brownie “ice cream” while he made a real meal, I felt better. Because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that hummus and chocolate make everything better.


Kendra said...

This is why compromise is so important in a relationship. And of course chocolate and flowers.

Jen said...

Hahaha...When did you and your sister become the same person?!?

Oh, and I totally ate an ENTIRE pint of the Soy Dream Chocolate Brownie non-dairy deliciousness the other night...and felt no shame. least not as much as I would have felt if it had been Ben & Jerry's.

L Sass said...

I have these issues, too. So AS and I just don't hang out that much!

OK, that sounds too harsh. But, I've just come to a point where I accept that sometimes it's just too damn complicated for me to lug my crap to work, to his house, wait for him to get out of work, blah blah blah

I Heard Tell said...

Hi! My name is Molly. I discovered your blog a few days ago and think it's great, and I felt rude not saying hello.

Also, I found this post very relevant. I HATED not ever knowing where I would be sleeping when first dating my current beau, because I usually ended up at his house, and then it was 'did I pack my lunch for tomorrow/phone charger/office clothes/gym clothes?' I felt like such a vagabond, living out of my backpack.

I never before saw the appeal of moving in with a boy, but 1.5 or so years of such dual-living disorganization made me consider it, if mostly for its simplicity. There's no more "am I going home to get stuff first and then going to your place or are you sleeping at my place?" I hated that nightly conference. Now we're both always coming back to the same place. Romantic reason to move in together? Maybe not. Practical? And thus extremely mood and life-improving? Yes.