Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Belly Up

I had lunch with a friend today, who told me about this. Per usual, I’m already itching to try it.

That is, despite the fact that the article in Time Out Chicago says that the Bar Method, unlike other methods, "will work your muscles until they tremble."

Tremble, people. Think about it.

In other workout-related news, the new gym membership is going well. Meg and I have been hitting the gym together several times a week. I even – try not to roll your eyes – put together an Excel spreadsheet that maps out our workouts and half marathon training runs for the next 13 weeks.

It’s so beautiful.

And I’m not even a perfectionist.

True story people. True story.


heidikins said...

Trembly wobbly bits has never been a good look for me... I may skip this and hope for the best. ;o)


Lindy said...

this sounds like fun...hard, but fun. i'm game for a try.

L Sass said...

Tremble?? i'm in!

Dena said...

Hey Lou - I have been doing Hot Yoga here in Florida land. It is a series of postures that are held for 30-90 seconds and then done again. And it is in a room 90 degrees.

I have never sweat so much or hurt, in the good way, from Yoga before. But when we have to lean to one side for 45 seconds, it really works the body.

Hope all is well in the tundra.