Monday, February 04, 2008

Can We Rest Now

Is that it? The last of the social holidays (the Super Bowl) is finally behind us. Oh wait. I forgot about St. Patrick’s Day. Oh well. It never ends, does it?

Did anyone else catch this? It was the talk of my office this morning (and yes, I work with all women). We tuned in to the ohmigodtheyresocute Puppy Bowl, after the exciting conclusion to the football game no one in Chicago actually gave a shit about… mostly people just grumbled that it was “way better” when the Bears “lost the Super Bowl last year.” Or something to that effect. Granted, until the 4th quarter, it was a pretty boring game. No offense New York. If it’s any conciliation, pretty much all of us were rooting for you because everyone loves an underdog (ohmygodpuppies) and – you know – because you’re GIANTS.

Anyway, the Puppy Bowl culminated in me asking @ if I threw a “puppy shower” would she attend. After awhile, she agreed because ohmigodtheyresocuteandhowcanyounotlovethatface.

There was a lot of squealing, and screeching, and general baby talk directed at the TV.

I want a dog.

At least I have one thing… my dignity. Hell yeah. And you thought I lost that in college. Not so my friends.

Yes. Dignity. I realized this morning that my attitude toward Valentine’s Day and all of the cutsey wootsey, lovey dovey marketing bullshit that comes with it has not softened in spite of the fact that some might be so bold to argue that there is a decent chance I’ll be dating someone when 2/14 rolls around. It all still makes me want to gag. Kay Jewelers… I’m talking to you. There. I said it. I sound angry. Wonder what my beef is...?

Puppies though. They are A-OK in my book.


heidikins said...

Football blah blah blah

Puppies? Cute!


Kendra said...

I have 2 puppies. You need at least one.

Lou said...

Don't tell MM that I'm broadcasting this... but one of my favorite things to do now is ask him if "we" can get a puppy. He says yes. :)

L Sass said...

I need a puppy too!! And I ask AS for one regularly.

I'm not into Valentines Day, either, but I make AS get me a box of chocolates. Because I love chocolates!