Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Enough Already

A letter from a fan. By letter I mean "email." By fan, I mean "stalker."
hey, i am addicted to your blog and I have been obsessively checking it and you haven't posted for like almost a week. you can't bitch and moan on a post about something as irrelevant as the Red Eye and then not post something witty and insightful to clear our minds of the hogwash of said paper...wit and insight is what your blog lives for (at least for me). WHAT GIVES?!?! (you have permission to quote this email without using my name.)
My "fan club," consisting entirely of the writer of the above email and my sister, has been so kind as to point out that it has been a week since I last posted. As it turns out, this is true. My last post is dated exactly one week ago.

So, I suppose you're wondering, "Why so quiet, huh Lou? Got something big and important going on? Something more important than your blog? Maybe you're watching a President's Day Weekend reality show marathon on VH1? Like Rock of Love, or I love New York, or better still, America's Next Top Model Cycles 1-158?"

No my friends. I've just been in Ohio.

More on that later.


Kendra said...

Time seems to stop in Ohio.

L Sass said...

I knew you'd post my fan mail! That's right, I'm not afraid to own up to my stalker-hood.

heidikins said...

I'm so glad you posted someone else's fan mail... I was mid-composition of a much creepier email, which has been saved for future use. ;o)