Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moral Victories

Fair warning my people: if I drop off the face of the blogosphere for a few days, fear not, I am in the midst serious crunch time at work, but I am alive and well, if not slightly miserable. This realization (the “Oh shit, it’s crunch time” one) hit me last night about 11pm as MM slept soundly beside me (he, on the other hand, is beginning a nearly three week long vacation from work -- jerk).


Today, I am directing you today to B-Kay’s Blog, 50 Down and Marathon Bound. In her post, she writes about the leader at a Weight Watchers meeting she went to this week:
… She told this story about Terry Fox, the guy who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer. (Yaaaaaawn, I thought) ... but she said that when asked by a reporter, he mentioned that sometimes he had to keep going just by vowing to get to that next light post, or that next stop sign. Now that clicked with me. It reminded me of running those long runs, and how sometimes the larger goal of completing the marathon is not really the goal at all on those days, but sometimes it's just completing that one run.
I do that. I did that on Saturday. Meg and I ran six miles and at about five and a half, I started telling myself, “Just get to that lamppost… just get to that sign… just get to Castaways… just get to the bridge.”

If you’ve ever struggled through a run -- long or short -- or with weight loss (or both!), you know what she’s talking about.

Speaking of running...

Last night I did a four mile run on the treadmill, and I actually cranked the speed up a bit, sang along and danced to the music on my iPod (Previously @ was the only person who knew that I danced while running -- well, her and probably a bunch of random people at my old gym. Unfortunately, MM saw me “dancing” last night and totally called me out… I was all like, "I don't know what you're talking about…" but I don't think he bought it), and sprinted the last half mile. Maybe it was a breakthrough or maybe it was the smartwater -- either way, chalk that one up to another decent run under my proverbial belt. And MM didn’t have to put up with cranky Lou after the fact. In fact, he not only got happy Lou last night, he got Vegan Lasagna leftovers, which made him happy. Everybody was happy. Good times.

And one more thing...

I ate an orange yesterday that was so good I nearly blogged about it right then and there because I just had to tell someone. I refrained. Then, later that night I told MM about the orange and how it was so good, I nearly blogged about it. And just now, as I was making my lunch, I thought, "Damn, I wish I had another orange like the one I had yesterday... I should blog about that." That's how good that orange was. So, I guess the message is, go buy an orange at your local, overpriced organic grocers. Sometimes it's so worth the extra money.

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