Monday, February 11, 2008

More of the Same

You know what burns me up? Hearing democrats and other liberal types say that they will vote for McCain should Hillary get the nomination. All this nonsense about the Clinton political machine and whatnot. Did I miss something? Is McCain, like uh, new to Washington?

Personally, I will happily vote for either Obama or Clinton come November (already voted for one of ‘em). And truthfully, I don’t claim to know a lot about… well, anything, nor do I get up on my soapbox about politics too terribly much, but this “I’d vote McCain” crap just dumbfounds me. Um. You mean the same guy who has supported President Bush on all the Iraq insanity while one by one the other Republicans jumped that sinking ship? Right. That one.

Anyway, Feministing (bless their hearts) wrote a post today with about 101 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for McCain. Read it. Especially, if you’re one of those people.

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Odd1Out said...

Think one thing that we can all universally agree on is that politics in this country right now is awfully frustrating. To say that if Obama doesn't win the primary then you will vote for McCain is crazy, they are polar opposites in polices. The problem today with politics is that it is more of a popularity competition. Last night, Dobbs, who I despise but is on at the gym, was commenting on how Clinton greets a crowd verses Obama, and they kept replaying this one clip over and over, making fun of the way Clinton clap, clapped, point, pointed. Pretty soon all candidates will be judged on their ability to perform Kabuki.