Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How You Really Feel

I was attempting to take a cue from L Sass and make a list of reasons why I should get over hating my job. But the truth is, I’m just in a really foul mood. I don’t constantly feel like this, but in truth, as of late, it seems to be a theme.

So, I’m taking a different route. I’m going to let it all hang out… I’m going to tell you how I really feel, in a list I have cleverly titled…

I’m Pissed Off Because:
  1. I hate my job approximately 80 percent of the time.
  2. My coworkers drive me nuts… for a variety of reasons (a list unto itself, really).
  3. I have to get up in the morning and go to work.
  4. No matter what I do, I always end up on the creepy bus driver’s bus on my morning commute.
  5. My boss calls me and asks me the same question forty different ways forcing me to give him the same answer over and over and over and over…
  6. I have dishes piled up in my sink.
  7. A vendor felt it was appropriate to call me out in an email (with other coworkers copied on it) for not responding to them in the last 24 hours.
  8. Vendors suck.
  9. I’ve been editing a 150 page book for the last week.
  10. I ate a bunch of crap last night instead of coming home and making pasta like I had planned.
  11. I tried to pick a fight with MM last night for no good reason.
  12. I’m annoyed at MM for no good reason (or maybe for one good reason, which I’m not allowed to say here).
  13. I have to censor myself on my own blog.
  14. It’s still shitty and gray in Chicago.
  15. I fell running this weekend… again. Only this time, it was right smack in a puddle.
  16. The stylist/colorist who I loved left the state to get married and now I have to find another stylist/colorist who I love.
  17. My new gym is always crowded.
  18. My new gym is always crowded with douchebags.
  19. It took me 10 minutes to get a treadmill last night at the gym.
  20. It took me 20 minutes to get a weight bench last night at the gym.
  21. I have to go to the gym tonight and fight the douchebags for treadmills and weight benches.
  22. Good TV seems to be non-existant.
  23. I can’t win Scramble on Facebook to save my life.
  24. I own three domain names and yet I can’t seem to get a new blog off the ground.
  25. I’m barely able to maintain a 12 minute mile pace on the treadmill.
  26. My long runs suck.
  27. It’s not Friday.
  28. It’s only Tuesday.
  29. There are still four days left in the week.
  30. Being in a relationship makes me antisocial and boring.
  31. I’m old.
  32. I have a tendency to act out like a teenager from time to time.
  33. I can’t blame any of this on PMS.
  34. I have a staff meeting today.
  35. I hate meetings. They are almost always pointless and a waste of time.
  36. I feel like there is no way I’m going to be ready for a half marathon in the spring.
  37. I am procrastinating when I have a shitload of work to do.
  38. I can't figure out what to do with my life.
  39. Stupid job. Stupid, stupid job.
  40. Ramble ramble.
  41. I’m tired.


Kendra said...

42. My friend in Texas keeps bugging me to adopt a dog when she knows I can't have one in my building.

L Sass said...

Aw, man! Positivity! I want everyone to have it.

Also, the treadmill is evil. I was doing way slower than my normal pace yesterday and I had to stop a couple times during a three mile run to catch my breath! As far I am concerned, the treadmill is a device for torture and low self-esteem creation.

Will said...

I can only imagine you go to a 24 hr fitness. My girlfriend bugged me to change by constantly asking why I would spend close to $100 a month. Well hun my old gym wasn't packed. Now she even describes most the people as douche bags. look at it this way though--the douche bag resolvers are slowly but surely dissapearing.

heidikins said...

i hate the gym. and having to censor myself on my blog.


Laura said...

43. A doctor repeatedly paged me today for an urgent matter. The matter in question - he wanted me to wait on hold for him since he couldn't hold the phone and do the procedure at the same time. I suggested next time he hit he hands free mute button on the phone.

@ said...

The gym of perpetual branding has plenty of treadmills and yoga instructors that smell like lavender.

And I'm sure they'd be happy to welcome you back.

Just saying.

I Heard Tell said...

"Being in a relationship makes me antisocial and boring." Totally. But not being in a relationship makes me feel sad and lonely, even when I am social and interesting. Why can't we win?