Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lighter Notes

I meant to blog about this earlier, but all the anger and negativity got the in way of my writing.

See? Making lists helps.

I’ve added a new blog to my reading list, FatFree Vegan Kitchen. It’s just so pretty I can’t help myself. Anyway, I’m a big time fan chickpeas (obvi -- I mean, I am a hummus Connoisseur), and I have been trying to get more soup in the cooking repertoire so when I saw this recipe -- and how lovely it looked -- I had to give it a try.

I made it last week, when I had a night to myself after (another) particularly crappy gym experience. I ran through Whole Foods, picking up the few ingredients I didn’t already have on hand, as well as this:
That’s right. I bought a salad spinner. I know you’re all like, “WTF Lou? A salad spinner? Isn’t that the most pointless kitchen gadget… like…uh... ever?” Not so my people. My latest vegan cookbook swears by it. Anyway, the purchase lifted my mood in the moment, and I’ve been looking for a salad spinner for awhile anyway. (Though, I intended to spend $1.99 on it at Ikea, rather than $24.99 at Whole Foods. Whatever… we all have our vices.)

See? Buying stuff helps.

For the most part, the soup was super easy and fairly quick to make. I highly recommend you try it. In fact, I am way more into this soup than the lentil soup MM and I made a couple of weeks ago.

In other vegan news (and then I swear I’m going to get back to work), I went a little nuts on amazon.com last week and bought $60 worth of books (HOLY SHIT). Just me and my search for the holy grail of health. Two of the books I bought were vegan focused:

A Way Out : Dis-ease Deception and the Truth About Health

According to my sister, this guy is a nutjob raw foodist who believes that disease doesn’t really exist -- a thesis that is probably going to piss some people off. He probably hates the pharmaceutical companies. I say, bring it on.

Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating
From what I’ve read, this is going to be straight up vegan lit. Propaganda, health benefits, maybe a couple of gruesome stories about the treatment of animals and slaughterhouses (*shudder*).

That's all for now folks. Back to hell.


L Sass said...

You need to explain to me what the benefit of a salad spinner is. They weren't part of my experience growing up, so I am unfamiliar.

Laura said...

Another soup recipe? When are you going to try the black bean and brown rice burrito recipe? I want to know what you think of it!

Jaime said...

When i was working in the stores we sold Salad Spinners and I had no clue what they were for, so whenever someone asked about them I would take an educated guess...

I would tell them you put all the ingredients for your salad in it and then add the dressing and spin. This way you could toss your salad so that the dressing was distributed evenly.

It was probably a year later when another employee was listening to me give my explanation and told me it was to spin your lettuce dry.

I wonder how many pissed off customers there are out there...

Lou said...

Yes... it is to get all of the moisture off of your veggies after you wash them. Pretty handy really. I am sick of excessively using paper towels to "pat" my spinach dry.

Kendra said...

I'm sorry - did someone say bean and brown rice burrito? Lou - you have been holding out on us, biding your time with these silly soups. Bring on the burrito!

I Heard Tell said...

There was a (low?) point in my life during which I really really really wanted a salad spinner, like, so bad. Then I bought one, and...then I had one, and used it sometimes. Thrills