Monday, March 03, 2008

So Very Uma

I totally got the Katie Holmes. Bangs and all my friends.

Personally, I think it looks better on me. Because I am modest.

I know. You’re freaking dying to see it. If only I could take a decent photo of myself...

But first...

I spent the entire weekend with MM, sleeping, eating, working out, running, napping, drinking, editing 150 pages of conference program book HELL (while he was writing papers for school), and commiserating about how damn old we are when we have to call it a night at 1am.

On Saturday, MM and I went to the gym where I decided it would be smart to do an hour of weights, including heavy legs, hamstrings, inner and outer thigh, squats, lunges, leg press, dead lift. And OMG-I-can-barely-walk.

Sunday didn’t help. My training schedule called for four miles (I actually did four and a half due to a wrong turn). It was 40 degrees outside, which of course begged for shorts and a t-shirt. I think that officially made me one of those crazy people who wears shorts on the first day above freezing in “spring.” Is March spring? It almost smelled like spring.

Anyway, we ran north along the lake from Rogers Park into Evanston, where the sidewalks were treacherous -- melting ice, snow, small bodies of water. The best part was when I slipped and fell right smack into a puddle.

Yeah. That was awesome. Time to break out the new running shoes.


Roisin said...

I bit it this weekend too. I must say, I'm so over running in soggy shoes. Over it.

L Sass said...

I was scrolling down for a photo of the hair... but no dice.

I already ran this morning, but when I came home from work in 58 degree weather, I seriously considered running again just to enjoy the weather!