Friday, April 11, 2008

An Inconvenient Obsession

I’ve been having a lot of vivid dreams lately -- all over the place really with themes and subject matter -- which I’m always convinced means something. I’m not sure what… but something.

Last night, I dreamt about running the Chicago Marathon. MM and Meg were running too, and my sister had come to support me. It was great. Except when the race was over -- or at least when MM and Meg finished -- I realized that I had never started. Read: not “didn’t finish,” but rather “never started.”

I was totally confused. How is it that I failed to cross the start line? I went into panic mode. All the training, all the time, this was the marathon, and I missed it. Panicked, I started planning on registering for another marathon in a week or so… wait a second… this part sounds oddly familiar

Anyway, yesterday I became obsessed with the idea that I need to train for a triathlon. Like… right now.

Where is this coming from? I’ve already committed to the marathon; I’m registered, in a training program, fundraising for a charity. I must be losing my mind.

Oh, it gets nuttier. Here’s what I said to MM last night on the phone:

“You know, I think I want to do a half Ironman next year.”

He of course, thinks this is a fabulous idea, but…

“You really should do an Olympic triathlon first.”

The man has a point.

There’s a story I love to tell. You've all heard it. It's the one about how I started running because two years ago my sister had the foresight to take an offhanded comment I made when I found out she was training for a half marathon (Maybe I should start running) as serious and gave me the Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running for Christmas. The rest is, as they say, history.

The part I always forget… the part that’s collecting dust on my overflowing bookshelf… is that she gave me another book, Triathlons for Women.

Last night, when I got off the phone with MM, I actually pulled myself out of bed (I like to talk on the phone while falling asleep), took the book off the shelf, and started reading.

But, why now?

Maybe it’s because all the parts and pieces are suddenly in place. My bike, which has been shoved in to a corner for two years, is tuned up and ready to ride. My new gym, despite being douchebag central, has a pool. And running… well… we all know about the running.

This is the race I am considering. It's an all female race in Pleasant Prairie, WI on July 13. I would prefer to do an Olympic distance (0.93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run), but since marathon training is a non-negotiable at this point, a sprint triathlon (.5 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) might really be more realistic. But, I don't know, doesn't that just sound... short?

We shall see...


Jaime said...

One of my friends did this one last year and LOVED it.

L Sass said...

I so wish that I was already in CHI, because I would totally do one of those with you. I'm itchin' to try a tri, too.

Roisin said...

I thought douchebag central was actually my apartment building.

Lindy said...

drawing line in the sand: you over there, me here.

I could never do a triatholon, well i probably could but i don't want to. anyway, i'll cheer you on! Go Lou! Go Lou! I'll even carry a big smiley face balloon so you can spot me in the crowd. :)