Monday, April 21, 2008

Old Ride, Renewed

I have a bike. I’ve actually had a bike for years.

After college, I saw an advertisement for a Trek bike on sale for $199. Not knowing anything about bikes or having any desire to do research, I figured it was a good enough deal, so I bought it and used it sporadically while living in Ohio. When I moved to Illinois for grad school, I left the bike behind in the care of my mom who rode it from time to time.

When Drama moved to Chicago from Ohio, I saw my opportunity and stowed the bike on the moving van. It has been resting in corners ever since.

Enter MM, biking fanatic. OK, maybe he’s not quite fanatical, but he’s done a few triathlons and uses his bike as his main mode of transportation in the summertime.

He was very excited at the prospect of us riding together, so a few weeks ago he rolled my bike down the street to my neighborhood bike shop to get it tuned up. Then, as an early birthday present (very early), he loaded my bike into his car and drove it out to the suburbs to have a rack and speedometer/odometer attached. He also bought me a nice bag to attach to the rack. I invested in a helmet and lock and voila! I am ready to roll!

Last night, MM and I rode our bikes together for the first time to one of our favorite restaurants in his neighborhood. I had the hummus (obvi). Tonight we’re going to bike to Whole Foods. God, sometimes when I write these things down, I kind of want to throw up because it’s so freaking disgusting/cute. Like… la la la la, me and my wonderful boyfriend ride our bikes to the organic grocery store and buy wholesome food and then we cook together. Oh vomit.

That’s really not the point.

I am suddenly struck by all the possibilities that exist in the city now that I have a working bike and all the necessary gear to go along with it. And I really, really, really want to start biking to work. But that’s crazy, right?

No I’m totally going to do it. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. And, because I just got a new digital camera, maybe I’ll post some photos of my ride in the next few days.

I know, a bike and a camera. What is the world coming to?


heidikins said...

I may or may not have thrown up a little in my mouth. But, while you're at Whole Foods wanna pick me up something yummy? Then al will be forgiven. ;o)


Roisin said...

Just be careful and remember to stop at the red lights and stop signs. I hate it when bikers don't do that. But I'd never hate you, I'm just saying.

L Sass said...

You have inspired me to put air in my bike tires! It is cycling season!

Kendra said...

Buying a bike and riding with Blake would be his dream come true.

I just can't bring myself to do it. Especially if it involves those padded shorts.