Thursday, April 24, 2008

Search This

I am shamefully uninspired this week. But this game is always fun. Let's see what Google searches are bringing up A View from the Park these days…

On the left is the search term, on the right is my signature, hilariously poignant commentary...

park lighter - pyrotechnics ?

hilarious things to do - I DO do hilarious things…

old fashioned countdown - as opposed to those new fangled countdowns losers - Apparently I am one?

oasis hummus - The best… and not widely represented on the Web.

"25 most memorable bathing suit moments" - I swear I never wrote this phrase.

"anger blackouts" - I don’t remember writing about anger-induced blackouts, but perhaps that’s the point.

"backpacking in africa" + "recipes" - remember the time I backpacked through Africa. No? Me neither, but it might have been during an angry blackout.

"running makes me angry" - Hell yeah it does. Like so angry I blackout.

(rich women looking for future husband)dating sites - Hmmm… sorry  No sugar mamas here.

a book called: the best dog ever - that sounds like a great book that I may have written during one of my infamous blackouts

a mind is a beautiful thing to waste - ‘tis.

body crave hummus - Yes it does. File under "great blog titles to use someday in the future when I inevitably write about hummus... again." That's a long file name.

camo beer cozy - Everyone needs one.

can i listen to music during the chicago shamrock shuffle? - no not technically, not on an iPod anyway. But we all do… shhhhh… don’t tell the race organizers.

coke is good with pizza - What kind of “coke” are we talking about?

eat like me spray butter - Yeah Spray Butter. Eat like me. Go on. Give it a try.

find rich men new york city - Is that a challenge?

focused chaos - Focused? Not really.

french toast suffle - What the hell is “suffle?”


heidikins said...

Haa Haa Haaaa!

That's awesome.


L Sass said...

People google the darndest things!!

TravelGretta said...

These always make me laugh. Until I think "Coke IS good with pizza" and then go eat something I wasn't planning to eat.