Sunday, May 25, 2008

Full of Something

Remember in my last post when I wrote that @ and I would be running together in her first distance race, the Soldier Field 10 miler? Remember how I was all, “she’ll bring the speed; I’ll bring the endurance.” Turns out I brought a whole lot of nothing.


Don’t get me wrong I was there. And it all started out great. Lindy and I managed to find each other at the start line (which we tend to have trouble doing), @ was pumped, I punching the air and doing little dance moves. God, I am so weird sometimes. So the three of us started, and I was playing part cheerleader/part pacer/part storyteller, and I felt great. We were spot on pacing an 11:30 minute mile. Lindy dropped back after mile 3, and @ and I kept going. Then came mile 5… and I became quiet and tired and just kind of sick of running. I kept going. I took a GU. I kept running. The way I remember it, somewhere after mile 6, I said, “@, leave me behind. You must go on with out me.” Only it wasn’t that dramatic.

I walked a little. I ran even less. Lindy, who was also not super pleased with her race either, found me. I told her to leave me behind too. And I crossed the finish line at 2:03:40. Ug.

Well, @ had a great race, easily keeping pace and crossing the finish line alone. And really, that’s what matters.

I, on the other hand, do not have one solid excuse for my performance. I might have felt a little queasy or tired or dehydrated. I wasn't properly attired (I was convinced it was going to be cold and overcast, despite the fact that kept telling me the opposite). I don’t know. I think I just kind of gave up. In reality, I didn’t treat Soldier Field like I treated my last race. I just kind of showed up thinking I could do 10 miles, no sweat. I mean, I can in theory, but everyone has a bad day, a bad run, a bad race. One cannot discount that every race is separate from the last, and distance is still distance.

We move on -- to marathon training which starts in a couple of weeks (holy hell!).

The aftermath was fun though. @ and I had breakfast with some friends from the neighborhood at my personal fav, Heartland Café. After that, much is a blur.
There we are, all shiny and something... :)


RBR said...

Sorry you had a bad race, but like you said, bad runs and bad races happen. The accomplishment is in the persevering.

AND ummmm, I don't consider a 12 min pace a bad race. You may have been feeling 'not great', but you ran 10 miles at a pace that not long ago I only DREAMED of being able to maintain for 10 miles.

Rock on! You beat all the people that slept in today!

oh, one last thing is this characteristically long comment, are you doing Chicago with Lindy? I have to update the friends' races list!

Anastasia said...

I think it sounds like you might be pregnant. Don't post this, I just checked your blog for the first time in a while... last time I felt the way you described for no explainable reason, I was prengnant. Granted, I was not running miles and miles, but still... I'd take a test if I were you. :)

Roisin said...

I know the feeling well. But that's not even a bad time for 10 miles!!! You still did well!!! I must have missed you as well, alas.

Hey now that I'm mono-free, we should have lunch again.

L Sass said...

Ugh, I am sorry you had a tired race. What was the weather like? The return of summery temps, sun and humidity has got me feeling sluggish.

On to marathon training!

Kendra said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy run. How did the bike ride go?

Jaime said...

you look really skinny in that photo... are you eating???

hard to believe its been a year since we started marathon training for the last chicago marathon.

I miss running with you and meg and lindy...