Friday, May 23, 2008

Send Me Home

If you, like yours truly, are at work today and bored out of your mind, then let me make a few suggestions. First, L Sass has a really great post up today. I enjoyed reading it so maybe you will too. Don’t worry; it’s not about running, racing, triathlons, swimming, biking, or the gym.

Second, I have added a new blog to my must read list. Run Bitch Run. RBR probably thinks I’m crazy because I keep leaving comments along the lines of, “You are my hero,” which makes me sound a little off and like a groupie. She writes about training for triathlons and marathons and she's kind of a total badass. Anyway, it’s like my new favorite blog.

Other stuff... I am running the Soldier Field 10 miler tomorrow. This will be @'s first distance race, and I have promised to stick by her side for the duration. I’m providing the endurance; she’s providing the speed. Together, we hope to cross the finish line in about 1 hour, 50 minutes. That’s reasonable, I think.

Yesterday, Meg talked me into signing up for my first organized bike ride, Bike the Drive. Not really sure how it’s going to work, but it involves me getting up very early on Sunday morning.

Speaking of bikes, I tried out MM’s tri bike for the first time last weekend. When he’s around, there’s a lot more whining that happens. So, upon “mounting” (heh) the bike, I was all “wahhh… I don’t know about this…” and “wahhh… I’m going to fall off.” Once I managed to start moving, I realized… holy hell, this is so much faster and lighter and awesomer than my bike.

I rode it to work today to get a little more practice on it before I use it for Sunday’s event. It kind of makes me feel like a badass because it’s so light I can just pick it up and walk around with it, and when people do that it makes them look totes professional. So I imagine people who see me carrying my bike around think I’m a “cyclist,” and not some idiot who falls off of her bike and gets honked at in traffic.

But probably not. They probably just think I'm some jackass who's carrying her bike around, trying to look cool.


@ said...

It is very nice of you to make it sound like I am bringing something to this racing arrangement.

RBR said...

You are too, too kind. Thank you! I think you are pretty cool too! You'd be even cooler if you would do an Ironman with me in 2009(I have serious OCD disorder and do not drop things easily *Smile*)

L Sass said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!

I hope the race went well and I am heading over to RBR to check it out. Obviously, I can't get enough of the training talk.