Friday, June 06, 2008

Competitive Edge

I’m starting to regard my break from running as a bit of a countdown. Tomorrow will be the only Saturday I will sleep in... until mid-fall. After tomorrow, I will be rolling out of bed sometime around 5:30am to run in Chicago summertime heat and humidity.

I recently became the proud owner of a subscription to Runner’s World, which is the first magazine subscription I have “owned” since the budget cuts of 2006 when I canceled InStyle, Health, Fitness, and US Weekly. RW was a solid investment. I look forward to receiving my Runner’s World magazine every month. And, yesterday… Tada! The July issue arrived!

I love it how magazines just show up...

I was reading my brand spanking new issue this morning on the bus, and I seriously almost starting crying. I swear. And, yes. I am PMSing. But, the sport of running just continues to inspire me. All these people, running… for different reasons… it just… I don’t know. It’s amazing. Everyone has a story, ya know?

My point is, in some ways, despite the early morning wake up calls, I’m exciting to start training.
The new, fun challenge this year will be balancing the remaining weeks of my triathlon training with a sharp increase in running mileage.

Here’s a funny story about swimming. So last night I came home to find MM sitting on my couch…

MM: I swam 80 laps today.

Lou: Seriously? 80? That’s a lot.

MM: Well, I want to become a better swimmer.

Lou: You mean, you want to become a better swimmer than me...

At this point, MM gets this huge, guilty grin on his face.

Lou: Oh my god! That’s really it!

MM: No it’s not. I want to be a better swimmer in general.

Lou: Yeah. Cause you swim like all the buff dudes in my class… like this…

At this point, I proceed to flailing around, which I later reenacted to @ who described it as, “…swimming like a drowning meathead."

Which I thought was hilarious, and still do… which is why I’m telling you now.

What's even funnier is that while I was writing this post I had to have @ help me spell the word "flail," because I kept typing it out "flay" and I knew that wasn't correct, but phonics failed me (and flailed me... and flayed me...).


@ said...

Louisa: how do you spell flay
like i flayed my arms
do you know what i'm talking about?
me: is that a word?
Louisa: like the description of my crazy arms
i was flaing
i can't spell the word
what is your ext?

TravelGretta said...

PMS = flailing emotions and hormones. It sucks.

L Sass said...

I love RW and always find it inspiring. Becoming a subscriber was, like, the last step toward total running obsession for me, too.

RBR said...

Hellooooo! I am alive! Glad to see you are too!

Very exciting to start marathon training! Chicago here you come!