Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On That Note

I realize I never updated you guys on the whole “Ohmigod mah toe” incident, so I’ll do that now.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to treat Athletico like a free clinic. Seriously, I love them. You can call then up, have an appointment within an hour or two, and in 20 minutes they will diagnose you, give you treatment instructions, tape you up, and provide you with referrals to PT-friendly, runner-friendly doctors -- just in case things get worse. And it’s all free! I mean, I wouldn’t go to Athletico for a heart attack, but I figured they would tell me if I could run with a sprained or broken toe. They said, "No." At least for a week or two.

So, on Monday of last week, I limped around like a poor, pathetic victim of toe violence. By Tuesday, the pain had significantly lessened, despite the bruising and swelling. On Wednesday, all seemed fine, so I went for a run. And, as suspected, I was fine.

Now, you should know that it’s fairly out of character for me to freak out over a minor incident and demand medical attention. I generally subscribe to the “aspirin, Neosporin and a band-aid will fix most ailments” medical school of thought. But, I seem to be a little jumpy about leg/foot/knee/hip/toe/back injuries with the training and whatnot.

Anyway, onwards...

I’m going to eventually write a post about the whole PAWS marathon charity business. And yes, I’m going to ask you for money, but only a little. And trust me, if you ever run (walk, bike, swim, whatever) for a charity, I will return the favor. However, if you ask me to buy something off your kid -- i.e. candy, wrapping paper, trinket crap, even Girl Scout cookies -- I will not. Especially if you ask me at work. Espectially if you kid is under four. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think it’s appropriate for a for-profit daycare to use a two-year-old to raise funds.

I said that once. In my head.

So, I’m a horrible person. Whatever. I’m sure all of this will change if I have kids. But I like to think that at least I’ll be the mom in the back row of the PTA meeting bitching to her BFF PTA about how making children (cough*their parents*cough) fundraise is complete bullshit. You may feel the same way about marathon charity fundraising.

But I digress.

Seriously. I am going to have to ask you guys for money… but like $5 or $10… nothing crazy. Why? Cause I know how it is. I’m a stanch believer in giving almost solely to the charity of Lou’s Ridiculously Over-Priced Master’s Education, but I toss a little money around for those racing for a good cause. And, keep in mind, all the money goes to puppies.

Look at that face.


A few people have been kind enough to give already. To date, without any emails or begging, I have more than $80. My goal is to raise $600. Unfortunately, thanks to my low IQ and/or the wacky online fundraising system used by PAWS, I am unable to figure out how to send a thank you email to these people who gave. I believe the system was built for the Internet neophyte and someone as sophisticated as moi cannot possibly be expected to find it to be intuitive. Hell, maybe the thank you emails are automatically generated. I don’t know. I can’t figure it out.

So, these people are nice enough to give to me and my gang of wayward puppies, and I haven’t even acknowledged them. They probably think I’m all like, “So long suckers!” And then me and the puppies go out on an all night bender -- boozin', and smokin', and startin' fights with their hard earned $80.

It’s not like that.

I’m thinking that I’m going to post the first names of those who give, plus any pertinent information over there --> on the right side of the blog. And, if the person who gives is a blogger, I will use their blog identity and link to their site. Of course this means that you will have an influx of approximately two more people visiting your blog.

Good times.

So there you go. Crazy, long. Not “crazy long,” but “crazy and long.”


Kendra said...

If I had a million dollars, I would give it all to the puppies.

Glad the toe is better.

anastasia said...

Lou, I am torn. I know I will never be running/walking/biking/swimming/ etc. for any reason whatsoever and I'm deeply hurt that you will not be purchacing an overpriced tub of crappy cookie dough from my children. So I have to wonder, what's in this for me??

Lindy said...

what if the kid goes to a non profit daycare, like my children? :) :) :)

ANyhoo, glad the toe is ok!!!!

heidikins said...

Once upon a time when I was 11 or something I went door-to-door in my neighborhood selling disgusting pies. And I felt terrible asking people for money for something that I knew was disgusting. I would have rather made them a pie myself and charged them half as much. Gaaaah, I hate the "fundraising" thing.

However, supporting your run for puppies is something completely different and worthwhile. And I'm even allergic to puppies.


L Sass said...

I hope I'll run for charity at some point in the future... after my career as a professional fundraiser is officially over!

OUCH on the toe! Glad it's feeling better.

Lou said...

Crap. I knew I would offend someone with my fundraising children rant.

I forget that many of my friends have kids now.

This post - written, mind you, on the bus before my morning coffee - veered wildly off course into Crazyland. But, as a blog purist, I allowed it to happen and to be published. Granted, I vacation in Crazyland from time to time, yes, but in truth, my REAL policy is to not give to casual co-worker acquaintances who try to guilt trip me into buying wrapping paper from their two-year-olds.

Lindy, Annie S., I will give to your kids, should they ever ask me for money. If I know you, I'm easily convinced to do... well... just about anything.

Jaime said...

I am glad to hear your toe is not broken. That would have biten the big one.

Since I am a super for big eyes and a wet nose I will most definately be helping ya out.

On a completely different note... I have to re-type the word verification word when i comment on your blog at least 2 times... Every time....

lou's mom said...

Just a reminder, you were one of those snotty little children selling things. In fact you sold wrapping paper, G.S. cookies, and discount cards for the local grocery store, to name a few. Some for school, and some to promote cheerleading - an internationally recognized charity:)

Jen said...

I'll donate...but only because you took so cunningly posted a picture of Maggie on your blog. I'll donate in her memory...even though she never much liked me.
Well played, Lou. Well played.