Sunday, June 01, 2008

R & R

I have made an executive decision. I am not running this week. I had planned to take last week off, but because I was in Baltimore at a conference, running was really the only convenient workout.

Instead, I will focus on cycling and swimming, as well as some strength training. Marathon training begins the week of June 9 (holy crap!), which means, this is really my last chance to take a break just… because.


Lindy said...

AFter completing my week of rest, I must say, my legs are feeling very fresh. So tomorrow is the kick off of my marathon training! I didn't even go to meet with my group on Saturday, I figure, what's one more Saturday. Plus Zoe was up much of the night on Friday.

L Sass said...

Rest is good! I hope you enjoyed your weekend off.

I found an apartment! I'm thrilled.